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Digital Transformation USA: Success Stories to Inspire

Uncover and learn from the success stories of digital transformation USA. See how digital transformation transforms and innovates USA businesses. Perhaps you can glean solutions and techniques from these real-life cases that can help you better deliver DX.

Digital Transformation USA: Success Stories to Inspire

So here are successful DX stories from digital transformation in the USA.

1. Microsoft

Who in the IT world does not Microsoft? Microsoft has been renowned for its Office Suite, and Windows operating systems. Although one of the top notches in the market, this innovative company also had to go through the strong competition.

For instance, competition is rising between Amazon, Apple, and more other emerging companies. If without further innovative strategies, this company will soon see others getting much ahead of them.

So in 2014, Microsoft started to re-create digital strategies. Before, Microsoft focuses on traditional software. But since that re-creation, Microsoft began to rethink strategies into a cloud system. This cloud system is not limited to single-use, but this aims to fit itself to both enterprise and personal use.

In addition, aside from personal re-creation, Microsoft also innovated with other technology and software companies. This collaboration led to more opportunities and lucrative partnerships.

Results of Innovation

With what results did Microsoft earn?

Microsoft increased its stock prices dramatically. For example, its market cap reached $1 trillion. In addition, its stock share raised from $38 in 2014 to $136 today. 

2. Honeywell

Another tech giant reaping the rewards of transformation is Honeywell. Although being a digital transformation aid for others, Honeywell itself knew and acknowledged the need for transformation. 

In 2016, Honeywell reduced its industrial market end. For instance, from eight, they minimized it to six. In addition, the company then seeks ways to revamp existing digital solutions. For their customers, Honeywell further improves their service by data. 

Results of Innovation

Honeywell’s cloud-based and data-centric services and devices enable their digital transformation. For instance, their customers now gain better services from better technology solutions. Also, their reinvention of industrial process control, not only benefits their customers but also the insider’s culture.

As a result of innovation, Honeywell increased its stock per share from $95 to $174. All of this results from a period of 4 years of diligence and more careful innovation.

3. Home Depot

Home Depot, a home improvement company, has been successful in its industry for years. But lately, in 2017, this company adopted an expansive DX strategy.

The Home Depot aims to revamp the online shopping UX experience. In addition, it is their aim to improve the quality of their products over quantity. With this expansive transformation, the company invested up to $11 billion for a period of 3 years.

Results of Innovation

In line with the change, Home Depot housed a thousand IT professionals. So these professionals make up a robust IT department. As a result, customer data and insights are now better used for better services and processes. In addition, proper inventory levels for the stores are now with regular consistent maintenance.

Home Depot now rises its stock value from $135 to $215 in only 2 years. Not to mention their revenue growth of more than $17 billion.

Final Thoughts

These examples show how DX should be. It is not an overnight success. For some, it took almost a decade, while for others, a handful of years do. Whichever is the case, careful planning and strategies lead DX more than the mere adaptation of digital technologies.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation USA

Digital Transformation USA.

You may agree that every place has different needs. 

So, one thing may work in one area. But, it will not when you go to the other place. 

That is the reason why we will know about how digital transformation works in the USA.

In this article, we will have a short discussion about digital transformation. 

Also, we will know what are the popular demands in the USA.

Moreover, we will also have information about the result of this transformation. 

It will help you if you are planning to start in America. 

Also, you will know what kind of business to think about so your business will grow.

Definition and Importance

Digital Transformation is when you sell your items online. 

It will be your choice. If you want to put all your market online, it will be a good plan. 

If you plan to mix having physical stores and online stores, that will also be nice. 

So, the idea will depend on you. Knowing what kind of strategy will work best for you will grow

Why is it important? It is because everyone is using the internet now. 

So, everyone will know if you have an online business. What you have to do is to advertise them.

Also, it is not safe to go out during the coronavirus pandemic. 

So, posting what you sell online is the best way to save your store. 

Now that you are planning to build, you may have questions on your mind. 

What will the best business to build in the USA?

Let us find out. 

Digital Tranformation USA

One of the most important things in the country is transportation. It is a basic need. 

So, you may want to think about bikes and scooters. You do need to ride a taxi all the time. 

Also, you can have arrangements for shipments online on bikes.

The second is a tool for recreation

Now that we stay at home, we may have limitations in contact with places where we can have fun. 

So, thinking of selling items to help others to have fun can be a good idea.

You may think of small objects like balls, ping pong, or tables.

Also, make-up lines will be a good idea. 

Even if girls do not go outside, they still want to look good on their online appointments. 

So, investing in cosmetic lines will be a good strategy also. 

It will be in demand during this pandemic. Even if we go back to normal, girls will still look at your store. 


Digital Transformation is a great way to grow your market.

But, you still need to go to the top. It is because you will still have competitors at those times. 

So knowing the needs according to the place you are now is a good idea. 

If you are living in the USA, you can also observe other items that will work. 

You may also think about the three ideas to sell mentioned above. 

But above all, remember to reach the hearts and interests of your customers.