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Digital Transformation USA: Success Stories to Inspire

Uncover and learn from the success stories of digital transformation USA. See how digital transformation transforms and innovates USA businesses. Perhaps you can glean solutions and techniques from these real-life cases that can help you better deliver DX.

Digital Transformation USA: Success Stories to Inspire

So here are successful DX stories from digital transformation in the USA.

1. Microsoft

Who in the IT world does not Microsoft? Microsoft has been renowned for its Office Suite, and Windows operating systems. Although one of the top notches in the market, this innovative company also had to go through the strong competition.

For instance, competition is rising between Amazon, Apple, and more other emerging companies. If without further innovative strategies, this company will soon see others getting much ahead of them.

So in 2014, Microsoft started to re-create digital strategies. Before, Microsoft focuses on traditional software. But since that re-creation, Microsoft began to rethink strategies into a cloud system. This cloud system is not limited to single-use, but this aims to fit itself to both enterprise and personal use.

In addition, aside from personal re-creation, Microsoft also innovated with other technology and software companies. This collaboration led to more opportunities and lucrative partnerships.

Results of Innovation

With what results did Microsoft earn?

Microsoft increased its stock prices dramatically. For example, its market cap reached $1 trillion. In addition, its stock share raised from $38 in 2014 to $136 today. 

2. Honeywell

Another tech giant reaping the rewards of transformation is Honeywell. Although being a digital transformation aid for others, Honeywell itself knew and acknowledged the need for transformation. 

In 2016, Honeywell reduced its industrial market end. For instance, from eight, they minimized it to six. In addition, the company then seeks ways to revamp existing digital solutions. For their customers, Honeywell further improves their service by data. 

Results of Innovation

Honeywell’s cloud-based and data-centric services and devices enable their digital transformation. For instance, their customers now gain better services from better technology solutions. Also, their reinvention of industrial process control, not only benefits their customers but also the insider’s culture.

As a result of innovation, Honeywell increased its stock per share from $95 to $174. All of this results from a period of 4 years of diligence and more careful innovation.

3. Home Depot

Home Depot, a home improvement company, has been successful in its industry for years. But lately, in 2017, this company adopted an expansive DX strategy.

The Home Depot aims to revamp the online shopping UX experience. In addition, it is their aim to improve the quality of their products over quantity. With this expansive transformation, the company invested up to $11 billion for a period of 3 years.

Results of Innovation

In line with the change, Home Depot housed a thousand IT professionals. So these professionals make up a robust IT department. As a result, customer data and insights are now better used for better services and processes. In addition, proper inventory levels for the stores are now with regular consistent maintenance.

Home Depot now rises its stock value from $135 to $215 in only 2 years. Not to mention their revenue growth of more than $17 billion.

Final Thoughts

These examples show how DX should be. It is not an overnight success. For some, it took almost a decade, while for others, a handful of years do. Whichever is the case, careful planning and strategies lead DX more than the mere adaptation of digital technologies.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Dell Technologies

Today, companies shift to digitalization. Digital Transformation Dell offers digital technologies that help companies.

What are these technologies? And how can companies benefit from it?

Read on to learn more.


Research shows that 8 out of 10 companies improved their transformation projects. In fact, 79% in Australia and New Zealand have outstanding efforts of transformation.

Also, they found a 14% increase from 2018 to 2020. Organizations embrace digital transformation now. More than ever.

In addition, Dell saw an improvement in the top two groups:

  • Digital Adopters
  • Digital Leaders

It increased from 17% to 28% in 2018. And in 2020, it rose to 45%.

Besides, the CEO of Dell says that only the companies who apply DX will be successful.

We can say that digital transformation is critical for companies. But, what are the possible challenges?

Digital Transformation Dell: The Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic empowered companies to apply the transformation. But, there are still barriers to this.

In fact, 94% of companies worldwide face these challenges. These include:

  • Lack of budget and tools (41%)
  • Data privacy and security issues (36%)
  • Lack of economic growth (28%)

Digital Transformation Dell: Top Technology Investments

Companies also recognize that they need to have a more stable IT system. Thus, they should stop focusing on foundational technologies. Companies should also invest in new tools.

With that, here are the top technology investments:

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Data management tools
  3. 5G system
  4. 5G ready hardware
  5. Privacy system
  6. Multi-cloud environment

Moreover, companies invest in the following tools:

  • Augmented Reality – instantly performs or fixes things
  • Artificial Intelligence – predicts potential barriers
  • Blockchain – evens out the economy

Digital Transformation Dell: Protection Solutions

To fight the security issues, Dell offers protection solutions. Thus, they can support the data needs of companies.

Here are the following features of Dell’s PowerProtect:

  • Faster performance. Dell offers up to 38% faster backups and 36% faster restores. Thus, they can recover after a data breach.
  • Greater efficiency. Dell also provides 1.25PB usability. So, it can give power and cooling savings. Also, it increases the return on investment for companies.
  • Demand scalability. Digital transformation Dell also helps companies to be more flexible. Also, they can provide agility.
  • Cloud data protection. PowerProtect by Dell also gives the resiliency of cloud data. So, they can prevent duplication. Plus, it is cost-effective.

Advantages of DX

There are so many benefits to applying DX. In this article, we will discuss a few.

Enhanced data collection

Valuable data drives the business forward. By doing this, they can gather:

  • customers behavior
  • operations
  • business opportunities
  • production

As a result, companies can unlock customers’ insights. Thus, they can understand their customers better.

Also, it helps companies to focus on satisfying customers’ needs. Data makes them give more relevant content.

Enhanced digital workflow

Digital transformation can also encourage collaboration. It helps employees to be more efficient.

Moreover, they can cooperate with teams. Despite working from their own homes.

Increased profits

Companies can also see an improvement in their sales. In fact, the percentage is very high.

85% of companies say that it increased their market share. Also, they claim that they get higher sales than their competitors.

Digital Transformation

HPE Digital Transformation: An Overview

HPE Digital Transformation helps transform your business. They specialize in helping you act on your data and applications. Thus, you can survive in the digital world.

Read on to learn more about HPE Digital Transformation and its services.


Digital transformation is becoming a popular topic. But, it is not just applying technologies.

To get the best results, companies should also use data centers. Thus, they can support that edge.

Moreover, it is important to alter the culture of a company. So, it can assist the acceleration.

Why Digital Transformation

Businesses do not just choose to transform. They must also transform to thrive in the digital world.

So, when they apply it, companies become successful. Why? Digital transformation affects all business aspects. It includes:

  1. Improving processes: Simple tasks are now automated thanks to new technologies. So, businesses are more agile. Plus, workers can work on more complex tasks.
  2. Increase revenue: Technologies can also help companies find new ways to earn. By applying these, they can increase their revenue.
  3. Enhance customer experience: Digital technologies create a better experience for your customers. Why is this important? People want businesses to fit their wants and needs. So, technology can help you with that.

Digital Transformation Steps

The process of digital transformation varies for every business. But, here are some steps to consider.

  1. Create a plan. It is important to think about your goals. Also, consider what you want to improve.
  2. Inform and train your employees. Ensure that your employees are willing to make the change. So, you can get everyone on board. You can do this by highlighting the advantages.
  3. Let go of your past technologies. Holding onto old technologies will slow you down. It also consumes more money. And it has no return on investment. Instead, use your energy and money for new technologies.

How HPE works

Digital transformation requires a lot of things. Like:

  • new business models
  • new processes
  • strategies
  • infrastructure
  • software
  • implementation
  • training
  • support

Think it’s too much? Well, HPE Digital Transformation can help you.

HPE’s portfolio expands to many services, such as:

  • cloud computing
  • security
  • Internet of Things
  • infrastructure
  • mobility

In addition, they help in the following areas.

  • Capacity planning. HPE has solutions that help you overcome poor capacity planning. Thus, you can increase your efforts.
  • Lower service cost. HPE can help you pay only for what you use. Also, they can assist in simplifying your department.
  • Smarter infrastructure. HPE offers AI and data analytics. So, you can support your digital business.
  • Cutting-edge technology. HPE develops competitive IT solutions. It includes using the Internet of Things. Hence, you can transform quickly and easily.

HPE Digital Transformation: HPE Services

HPE offers many services. The main three are:

  • HPE Pointnext: It helps build digital transformation. Also, it applies it in your own terms. Thus, your business can be more innovative.
  • Advisory and Transformation services: It helps you create and design your DX project. Also, it helps you make a roadmap. Thus, you’ll know your challenges. Plus, you can solve it.
  • Professional services: HPE can also help you maximize your time. So, you can give better management.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Executive Education

Digital transformation executive education.

What is it talks about?

Digital transformation is not a jump into the original. It can develop results in control. 

Moreover, it grows customer connection and choice making. Thus, the company can use digital change. 

But, the change is more or free. Also, it is the people, not the technology that needs most. 

Additionally, executives use a digital-first mindset. Plus, it is important to learn how to grow user port

Furthermore, the executive should turn the offline plan into digital workflows. And change happy clients into online name representatives.

Moving a Mindset of Changes

Digital change executive needs to use a new mindset. As a result, it can strongly complete digital change goals. 

Moreover, it can help companies know which areas of their job need a shot of a new study. Also, it can handle their teams towards creativity. 

Additionally, it cannot just help people to think creatively. But, it can help officials know how they can add a history change in their digital plans.

Thus, the executive should not drop view of the focus plans. And it adds a business idea to the way.

Selected by Digital Transformation Executive

Important business change starts from inside. Besides, some of the digital change groups are helping to restart answers. 

Moreover, it uses plans made in control. As a result, it can bring out the best in their people. 

Changing Learning Design into Business Impact

Every single control growth plan is made unique. And each one of them was created based on basic ways. 

Here are the following learning plans for business impact:

Customer Plan Design

Executive education is a job. Thus, it tells a fully fresh way to the company. 

Furthermore, executives should prove that study looks to join important goals. And it adds to make a plan for the company. 

Journalistic Way

The executive starts to work with the study. Also, it is important to do the idea and goals of the company. 

Thus, the company gives a team of getting to change customer action experts. And it is held by top writers. 

Easy Business Impact

The collaboration of executive guarantee that study results are kept in the company. As a result, it can do real value-creation for the company. 


The digital transformation executive education studies the result of the role of the customers. Also, it gives useful forms for working jobs.

Here are the following responsibilities of the executive:

Know the New Facts

Know its problems and results in many actions. Plus, get the new facts and tests of handling selling plans.

Take the Use of Customer Right in Making Market Leadership

Help the company more fit to know clients. And connect with customers in ways. 

As a result, it can grow customer loyalty in the market. 

Taking New Value Chances

Deliver important and many uses to clients. Also, it adds to external stakeholders. 

Create and Control a Balanced Portfolio

Use the new data and skills to make a growing job. As a result, it can give new success in the coming market connection. 

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Director

What is the role of a digital transformation director?

Digital transformation tells as the combination of digital technology. Thus, it affects all areas of business. It makes major changes to how the business works with the clients. 

Moreover, it is a cultural change. It needs organizations to continuously challenge the status. Also, it tries and gets content with the problem. 

Thus, develop the senior leadership to the important offering job. It needs to guarantee strong implementation. 

Additionally, give the leader an important control use. As a result, it can help the success of digital change works

Furthermore, the role can be a focus on interoperability. But, the content will be told from time to time. Besides, it points to the role to helps the more open digital change plan. 

Plus, the role can guarantee great transfer tools. Also, it can prove strong governance in joining with many stakeholders.

Here are the responsibilities of a digital transformation director:


The digital transformation director is fit for making records. Also, the director manages plans in the system. 

As a result, it can give new skills in charge. And it can have knowledge of services. 

Moreover, the official is useful to create effective governance. Plus, the director is ready to set working plans in the company. 

Job and Program Management

Additionally, the director secures the job is met with the sponsoring group’s goals. Also, it adds the plans of the company. 

The digital transformation director has to help. Plus, it can check to reach their duties in giving the result. Besides, it helps saves points for an important job. 

It includes showing that plans fit points without duplication. And it adds maximize the use of tools. 

Moreover, the director is working correctly with other partners. And it can change to know any problem to give. Plus, it includes the sharing of good works of lessons study. 

Furthermore, the director talks with managers to need sales. Also, it adds working as an assistant for change needs. 

Leadership and Control

The digital transformation director gives to grow the area of work on the job. And it includes plans and design control. 

Moreover, the director is able to keep sound data of the longer operational core. Plus, it adds strength to growth reports. 

Additionally, the director is responsible to inspire staff in the team. It can prove that they can give their works. 

Plus, the director is able to transfer expertise as fit. And it can grow and keep a positive team history. 

Financial and Physical Resources

The digital change director is useful for the budget view. It proves the real uses of the company. 

Besides, the director is useful for showing the budget. Also, it adds implementation in a long-term important plan.

Additionally, the director is met for giving way to the bonus of known goods. Plus, it holds growing evaluation plans. 

Information Management

The digital change director is useful to give very mixed data. Also, adds giving a report about the plans. 

As a result, it can give a change in power in the system. And it can give purpose to rules in the company

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation In Companies

Digital transformation in companies.

What is it talks about?

Digital transformation can give changing sets. But, it is slight to their progress in the digital change area.

Moreover, it creates new business plans. Also, it involves answers that have hit the whole tech display.

The digital transformation meaning in the company is the use of cutting-edge technologies. Besides, it grows uses and plans.

Additionally, companies use cloud-based ways. And it can change living plans or create new ones.

The plans help show ideas. Also, it grows performance in duties

Why are so many companies going through a digital transformation?

The rapid growth of technology has grown customer needs and wants. Plus, people have way too many sets and results in apps. 

Thus, companies need a way to more data and faster-searching ways. Also, it needs to give way to bring and hold customers.

Furthermore, digital transformation can grow a company’s selling actions. And marketers can get a wider study of user roles.

Moreover, it can change their selling plans. Plus, it grows customer connection and support.

Additionally, it makes a good company mind to take the power of the technology that is out there. But, the real test for companies is to choose the right model of technology. 

Besides, it makes it in ways that prove people will use it well and securely. Also, it can guarantee that the new tech combines seamlessly within their real tech part.


A digital change plan points to all steps a company needs to achieve the technology. Also, it tells things that get its goods.

Moreover, it starts with knowing new business plans. Plus, it can grow by means of technology.

Additionally, the company sets business goals possible hints about doing software. Besides, it tells forms over plans and areas.

Therefore, keep in mind that a digital change plan needs time to create real results. Also, companies need to think about their things by a well-formulated plan.

Digital transformation needs buy-in from all people. As a result, the company can work. 

Here are five key models that have helped to protect the companies by digital change:

  • Think out the company plan before investing in anything
  • Hold insiders
  • The plan customer experience from the outside in
  • Know workers worry about being replaced
  • Make start-up culture inside

Change the Companies to Hold Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has reshaped how companies ask for customer help. And the old model was to wait for clients to come to find the company. 

But, the growth of social media has grown service much. It includes advertising and even sales and customer service. 

Moreover, growing companies reach social media as a chance to grow their service grants. Also, it meets customers on their plan of choice. 

Thus, the company needs to prove that it owns the plan. Plus, it tries to roll out new products and services. 

Additionally, it can solve problems in every way. Besides, it can use new devices and plans in the company. 

Digital transformation helps companies to know everything. As a result, it can receive help and marketing

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Of Companies

What is the digital transformation of companies?

Businesses are more and more starting for digital transformations. But, they are not sure how to go about it. 

Moreover, there are companies that exist to move this process in the right direction. Also, it has uses that come along with using a digital change in the company. 

What Does a Digital Transformation of Companies?

A digital transformation drastically changes real business works. Thus, a digital change company lives to control groups in their special changes looks. 

But, it is not said that digital change companies only work with technologically unaware. In fact, these models of changes usually happen inside some lightly technologically great in business. 

Moreover, the idea is not to surely tell them about new tech works. But, the goal is to change the way they work on many things. 

Additionally, a lot of ways an office helps companies change is in areas that help customer trials. Also, it grows customer actions. 

What Kind of Things to Look for in Companies?

The first thing you will want to check is whether or not the company you are taking is an expert in the digital area. Besides, it is important to find much data that they are more than full of working all changes. 

Furthermore, every important company should have a website with records. And a part telling their digital idea. 

Plus, make sure the company wants to do more than just make things work on a goal level. Also, the plan should be full of technological implementation. 

Moreover, they should be helping with all kinds of plans that totally change the company. And make sure that is useful for the company. 

Change the Company to Help Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has reshaped how companies move client help. And the growth of social media has grown set much like it is changed notice and selling. 

Additionally, growing companies cover social media as a chance to continue their service grants. Also, they meet clients on their plans of choice. 

Changes in the Companies

Companies are expertise when they use digital changes. Besides, they have a powerful answer to the company’s parts. 

Plus, companies are having plans for company changes. Also, they have technologically grown themselves. 

Furthermore, they own an amazing step record having worked for well-known clients in the past. And it gives a chance to see their work in action.

Moreover, it can give companies a change that works exactly for them. Plus, it can see their change success. 

Something that holds out the companies are their power to be successful everywhere. Also, it can tell the idea that the company is ready to work with many companies. 

Additionally, the digital transformation of companies changes the firm. And it has more digitally-inclined work. Besides, it is able to make the company put up with companies in the same area

As a result, it can create ways to work jobs using digital changes. And they use the rule using research so that each change helps the client optimally. 

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Telecommunications

Digital transformation telecommunications. Are there any? If so, how does digital transformation change the way telecommunications operate?

Many sectors are now moving into digital transformation. May it be retail, education, or utilities. But what about in the telecommunications sector?

Of course, they are not exempt. Customers in whatever industry are raising their expectations. Also, they differ in their preferences.

So, to keep up with this, the telecommunications sector needs to move. How so?

Digital Transformation Telecommunications

The telecommunications or telecom sectors faced a dip in their revenue. And it’s seen with their text and voice messaging features.

Also, the competition is tight. There rises new companies or other competitors are making better offers.

So today, it’s important for them to adopt digital transformation. And they need to let go of their traditional services. They are aiming for:

  • customer-centric services
  • better efficiency
  • add high-value margin

Thus, to reach these, what are the digital transformation trends in the telecom sector?

5G Network

With 3 billion internet users today, most of them prefer using their mobile devices. And these devices also help them with important daily tasks.

So, they are now looking for better networks to suit their needs. One that gives faster access to apps and better service.

So more and more telecom companies are offering a 5G network. As this is 100x faster than 4G or LTE.

And this proves to be successful. As the world today need a faster network more than ever. And the telecom companies are helping different sector meet their needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Many in the telecom sector are already using AI technology to its full use. Some AI technologies are:

  • virtual assistants
  • chatbots
  • tools
  • data analyzation

And their main focus on using this is for a better customer experience and satisfaction. 

Other areas it helps better are:

  • network maintenance
  • predictive maintenance
  • customer service costs
  • knowing network problems
  • self-healing
  • network protection


The telecom sector is very weak in terms of cybersecurity. This is because they have a very large customer base.

So, cybercriminals are always looking for a chance to attack. And get relevant information.

Then, once a telecom company gets targeted, it can be a national problem. Creating a problem for the whole country, its businesses, consumers, and government agencies.

Thus, telecom companies are making efforts to better their cybersecurity efforts.

They do this with a holistic approach so that they can find threats early on. And they make prevention measures and support network resilience.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is now a key piece in a telecom’s digital transformation efforts. This is because it costs them a lot of internal computer resource to:

  • delivery sets of applications
  • manage data
  • bill services

So, moving to cloud services allows telecoms to save a lot of internal costs. And they can also raise revenue streams.

Thus, telecom companies can now focus on important parts of their business. And move other parts of their business on the cloud for better efficiency.


There are more areas of the telecom sector that is moving to digital transformation. Are there any other areas you can think of?

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Companies

What are the digital transformation companies?

Digital transformation is a strategy-led change. It can move sales rules into the digital world. 

Moreover, it means using digital tools. Also, it adds the ways and workflows in order to improve power. 

Additionally, it grows the effectiveness. Besides, it involves lowering failure times of given business use. 

Thus, digital change is arguably the most difficult choice. Also, a system is likely to start on. And many businesses are not made for parts due to old school study

Winning such cover usually needs a plan or rule. Also, it usually comes with outside help. 

Plus, the position of digital transformation consulting firms is proof of this. Besides, it wants to changes while considering sizeable rooms in doing so. 

Furthermore, digital transformation is taking companies to change their business forms. And change to the new market fact. 

But, this change is being made by customers. Customers expect important content in relation to what they are doing anytime. 

Moreover, chances are growing from using modern technology. Also, clients usually put businesses on their digital client contact. 

Additionally, digital change gives businesses a chance to know the modern-day buyer. Besides, it joins and delivers on their expectations of multi-channel client action. 

Here are the digital transformation companies:


The cognizant company gives system technology. Besides, they provide works services in the business. 

Moreover, the cognizant company helps clients check business rules. As a result, it grows lower working costs to deliver clear results and growth. 

HP Inc. 

HP is a multinational data technology company that gives a deep kind of software parts. Also, it adds the tools and associated works to users. 

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft is one of the best technology givers globally. Besides, the company gives software results including internet creators. 

Intel Corporation

Intel is joined in creating innovative goods. Also, they joined in forming technologies. 

Moreover, the company gives businesses the power to know true clients. And they make other creative jobs

Google LLC

Google is one of the global guides in internet-based products and services. And they focus on digital change right or its many subsidiaries. 

IBM Corporation

IBM gives computer answers. Also, the company offers technology advising and help. 

Additionally, the company gives answers to its clients to change their business. And it helps them to join with clients and workers completely. 

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems forms technologies. Besides, they sell a large area of technologies that have been powering the Internet. Also, they change to studying to give clients a highly-secure digital business. 


SAP SE is the market leader in company use software. Besides, they give an open set of ways for customer action. 

Oracle Corporation

Oracle develops tools for database control. Also, they build things for plans. 

Plus, oracle digital engagement gives a business the company to change. And the offer of digital safety and tools in this market. 

Accenture PLC

Accenture is a leading global professional services company. Besides, they give many services and answers in works. 

Also, they give multinational expert services. As a result, it can specialize the systems technology. 

Business Analyst Digital Transformation

Harvard Business Review Digital Transformation

The biggest challenge in the industry is emerging technology and industrial projects. In this article, let us learn about the Harvard Business review of digital transformation.


Veon is a prime example of a global international telecom service provider. So, they launched their new multimedia interface in 2017.
Moreover, the scheme was immense. So, it consists of 100 people and has an office in London.
Also, the goal is to build a smartphone application. Thus, this will encourage users to experience a lot locally.
Since it is also used by Veon’s firms associates as a distribution outlet. So, executives regarded the plan as a high target.
Moreover, after a lot of fuss began. Thus, the app received a tidy consumer insight. So, to create a new habitat they kill attempts.
Also, the loss led to an explosion of managers and a retrospective attitude. So, virtual actions are set aside for the pilot process.

Harvard Business Review Digital Transformation

Even so, Veon also wants and obviously can’t a different cost structure. Also, it makes it easy to spend a lot more on one quest.
So, it’s that a hazard is immense does not mean a reaction. Instead, firms such as Veon is much worse off.
Also, take a more radical change path over time. But they should still be able to see how they need to go.
You must strive for it by actively looking for openings. In their primary issues, to encrypt issue systems.
Thus, you will learn which criteria to use as you pursue these tasks. What premises to check, where new market ideas can do apply.

Challenging Market

What may be their latest enemies? So, even as these concepts are being learned, they realize their challenging market.
They would likely change their tall-term ambitions. A mechanism for this form of continuous guidance is now in operation.
So, instead, it does use in the influential lean firm kit bag. Thus, in an atmosphere of considerable complexity, to start firms.
Moreover, it relies on an inexpensive process to easily test theories on what does. So, they collect fresh data and reduced threats.

Incumbent Firms: Incremental Advantage

Economic experts have been puzzling for several years. Since in a more grainy stage, roles are beyond the scope of a certain firm.
Also, the type of logic began in the 1930s by Ronald Coase. So, it shows dealings does indeed not enough under such circumstances.
It makes logical sense if all these requirements apply. Hence, this is to maintain a firm’s operations.

The Digital Context

Since electricity production is vital. The ever-stable firm is being transformed by emerging technology.
So, it is like many sectors. Because electricity generation from a single hub has historically been.
Thus, they send a locally controlled grid to their path. Solar cells will transfer later to the network extra electricity.
Also, this makes it more workable for families to engage in energy production. So, the societal dependency on enormous fossil fuels is declining.
If candidates believe that potential progress does expect on the old model. Moreover, you would make great errors.
General Motors refused to gamble on the energy-dependent on natural gas. But it offers a stunning instance in digital transformations.