Automation Tool Comparison: Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere

Winautomation and Automation Anywhere are both great tools. There are several great automation tools out there, and we’ve tried most of them.

I’m sharing my thoughts on Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere below.

I think it’s wrong to compare the two tools like a typical marketing article comparing “who’s better” between Google and Bing.

Honestly, both tools are great at doing what they do. The difference is in how they solve the problem. So I recommend you try both and see which one fits your needs better.

Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere Pricing Comparison

This is where Winautomation has the advantage. Winautomation offers a free plan as well as paid plans – that are quite affordable. The free plan gives you unlimited tests, but only one test per minute (which is still plenty for most users). Plus, the free account comes with a pre-built library of web automation scripts that you can use right away. You can upgrade to higher plans if you need more than the free plan offers.

Automation Anywhere does not offer a free tier, but their pricing scales from $49/month and up. If you start with Automation, expect to pay $99/month if you want to do more than just basic automation tests (e.g., in-app navigation testing). 

Like Winautomation, Automation Anywhere also comes with a pre-built library of web automation scripts that can be used right away. However, their library is not as big as this tool, so it may take longer for you to come up with similar workflows.

Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere Features Comparison

Both tools have some unique features that I like, so I’m going to list some of them here:

Winautomation: Accessibility Testing

 This feature allows you to test your page or website for accessibility issues such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, and alt text, among others. Many people know that these things are important but often forget about them when building their Web apps or websites. This feature has been very handy when doing accessibility testing on browser-based Web apps and websites we’ve built over the years.

Page Object Model (POM): Both of these automation tools do use by big Fortune 500 companies. 

The most notable difference is that Winautomation uses Selenium WebDriver while Automation Anywhere uses its proprietary script engine. Both of these tools have an impressive array of features and capabilities. Some of the major differences between these two tools are:


  • FREE trial
  • Cloud-based tool (so you can use it from anywhere)
  • Selenium WebDriver script support
  • Supports many different programming languages (Python, Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, etc.)

Automation Anywhere:

  • FREE trial

On-premise tool (if you want to use it inside your network)

A proprietary script engine provides a universal language for all automation tasks. It helps with portability and makes moving scripts between different environments easier. 

You don’t need to worry about having a different version of Selenium WebDriver for each browser.

Since it’s proprietary, you can’t use it in open source tools that use Selenium WebDriver. But since everyone using Automation Anywhere is using that script engine, it makes sharing scripts much easier than if each person or team were using their copy of Selenium WebDriver.

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What is Automation Tool Advantages

Do you know what are the automation tool advantages? In this article, we will know the automation tool advantages.

An automation tool is essential for small and medium-sized companies. It is for them to automate their testing processes. 

Now, let us understand the key benefits that test automation brings along:

Read on to learn more.

The Key Benefits of Test Automation

Test automation improves the overall software performance of the software. And it also makes sure strong software quality. 

There are particular tools that can effectively do automated test cases. These tools can also help in matching exact and expected results. 

In this manner, test automation can assure software proficiency. Without them including copied and manual intervention. 

One of the biggest advantages of test automation. Is that it can be implemented with minimal effort and maximum accuracy. 

Accelerated Results

This lets the testing implement repeatedly. You can save a lot of time even if for complex systems. Not just time but also effort.

Lessen Business Expenses

This is because of the small amount of time needed to run tests. It makes the work’s quality higher.

Thus, there is no need to fix glitches after release. In that way, companies can reduce their costs.

Information Security

It will help in creating, managing, and guarding your test database. This will let you reuse your data over and over again. 

This will save a huge time and cost.

Earlier Recognition of Defects

This helps improve the overall development speed. While they are making sure that its process is correct.

The earlier a defect is identified. The easier it is to fix the glitch. 

Testing Efficiency Improvement

The smallest growth of the overall efficiency can make a huge difference. To the entire timeframe of the project.

The setup time will just take a little bit longer. But automated tests eventually take up a minor amount of time.

They can be run virtually unattended. You do not need to monitor the whole process.

Higher Overall Test Coverage

A higher number of tests can be done. And that is because of test automation.

This drives to higher coverage. Hence, in the manual testing approach. You would need to have a massive team. 

An improved test coverage leads to testing more features. And also a much better quality of the application.

Reusability of Automated Tests

Automated test cases are reusable. And hence, can use again through various approaches. 

Thoroughness in Testing

They have different testing approaches. Their focus depends on their expertise and exposure.

Because of that, there is a secured focus on all areas. That could be an area of testing. And that gives assurance to best quality.

Faster Feedback

This enhances the communication between coders, designers, and owners. 

It allows quick correction of possible glitches. They are making sure of the higher efficiency of the development team. They will do that by promoting fast feedbacks.

To sum up

The test automation process adds value to all of the stakeholders involved. 

As a result, there is a growth in the investment. On product research and process discovery. 

This helps the organization to balance and establish an advantage in the market. 


What Is Difference Between Robotics And Automation?

Robotics and Automation are two seemingly synonymous words used in today’s media. Certainly, what is difference between robotics and automation?

These two words are often together. However, these two are also often misunderstood in context. 

Most likely, both modern processes are useful in leveling up one’s business. But, knowing their difference will further help. Especially in pinpointing which is mostly in need by your business processes. Remember, they are not the same. Although these are often connecting and overlapping.

So, what is difference between robotics and automation?

The Difference


This involves the three-phase process. Which is designing, creating, and using machines. These machines are robots. Furthermore, these robots are to perform tasks. 

Most likely, these are repetitive tasks. These tasks are usually by humans. But sometimes, robots are helpful in some special case scenarios. For example, some tasks need to be done in hazardous environments. So robots can take the place of humans in doing the job.


On the other hand, you can call it Automation when physical machines are used. Also in using computer software and technologies.

Like Robotics, Automation aids in doing the task that is supposed to be for humans. It comes from the word ‘automatic’. Thus, Automation applies technology to automatically monitor and control production or tasks. 

Overlapping Of Usage

However, as you can see there are more similarities between the two. But, certainly, they are not the same.

For instance, physical robots can be with automation. However, some robots are not made for automation. For example, robot pets are created for lonely elders. Thus, this is part of robotics. But there is no automation involved.

In like manner, automation can be without the purpose of robotics. For example, a chatbot can interact with a potential customer in an e-commerce shop. This chatbot can even ask for the customer’s feedback at the end of their conversation. 

Type Of Automation

Industrial And Software Automation

This is the type of automation that is often linked with the two terms. IA or Industrial Automation is the use of physical robots and special control systems. Both in expediting processes. Moreover, a good picture of this is the use of IA in car factories. They especially make use of this with their high levels of autonomy.

On the other hand, another type of it is software automation. The term itself suggests the use of software to expedite processes. Again, this has a lot to do with repetitive tasks that are supposed to be for humans.

Also, the following are the different types of Software Automation.

  • Intelligent Automation
  • Test Automation
  • RPA or Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

It is mostly known as RPA. This process uses software robots with UI (user interface). Moreover, this process is also for mimicking human actions for tasks. 

However, take note that this has nothing to do with robotics. Because this process is more related to rule-based tasks with structured digital data. On the other hand, more complex business processes are not with RPA. 

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Learn Automation Anywhere On Building Bot

Learn Automation Anywhere On Building Bot because persons learning new skills would be ahead for the future automation positions.

According to an IBM poll, over the next three years, up to 120 million staff would need to develop new skills. Hence, continue the development of artificial intelligence and smart automation.
Although easy to claim, it is a little daunting to learn new skills at any stage in a career. But what if that wasn’t the way it was?

Modern research shows it takes less than once to know something about comparatively new abilities. Author and scholar Josh Kaufman points out that it takes only twenty hours of focused study to learn a new technique. Thus, you can learn in just 30 days with your 40 minutes of practice. Wow!!! What an insight.

Learn Automation Anywhere: potential

Any knowledge normally comprises such subskills must master to achieve your aim. The knowledge you want to learn will help you figure out the skills that are important. Moreover, correct yourself before you start studying.

Start by finding and skimming three to five materials. Seeking to locate repetitive concepts on the topic you wish to understand. This is a clear indication of the value of these principles. In order to help you decide the most appropriate subskills. Similarly, talk to certain professionals with subjects that have the expertise you want.

This involves analyzing several automation courses and RPA videos on YouTube at University Anywhere. Further, to discover common issues for learning how to create bots. Besides, calling someone with whom you work or someone you have met at LinkedIn to ask an opinion on how to concentrate first.

Reduce potential

Start breaking up the subskills into components you can study and practice efficiently. Choose to obtain the best outcome in pushing you towards your target as part of this deconstruction.

Focus on the sub-kills that adhere to the Pareto theory. 80% of the observations come from 20% of the cause. Determine the order of studying abilities. Moreover, plan how to exercise and apply the abilities in the course of this deconstruction.

Further, begin reading case studies on bots in various industries that are especially useful in learning how to create bots. They identify different commands and similar methods in order to solve challenges and handle errors.

Delete challenges and build a habit

Make it easy to sit back and do the training. Practice / to learn this skill during your day-to-day. Then, concentrate on practicing your new skill. Delete obstacles like your mobile or TV from the outside. Close windows on the browser that could lead to the mission being deleted.

The simpler you do, the more days you can not “miss” yourself. The author James Clear advises that you “never miss twice”. You might miss one day because of random incidents, but do your utmost to keep your track by two consecutive days.

Decide and undertake

The first thing that frustrates is to discover something new, because nobody excels at first. Moreover, you are more likely to give up if you don’t devote time to your new talent.

Secondly, it is necessary to concentrate on developing a new identity. That will change your actions. As a result, new patterns will come more naturally. At first, though, once you begin to understand a bot creator. For example, a person with such an identity has a normal behavior to create and troubleshoot bots.

A final point on this issue: Even the best bot builders sometimes stump to a dilemma. Do not be disappointed. Finally, it’s necessary to overcome challenges.


Automation Anywhere RPA Best Features And Its Functions

Automation Anywhere is the largest Robotic Process Automation tool. It allows organizations to automate business processes from start to finish. But how does it work? And what are its features?

What Is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is one of the most popular RPA vendors. It also offers user-friendly RPA capabilities to automate the business processes.
Also, it includes a control to run end-to-end automated business tasks. Moreover, it allows building scripts to perform repetitive tasks rather than writing codes.

Automation Anywhere has 3 components

  • Bot Creator
  • Control Room, and
  • Bot Runner

Various Products Offered By The Company

To support enterprises in their digital transformation journey, they offer the following:

  • Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA
  • IQBots
  • Bot Insights
  • BotFarm, and
  • Bot Store

Key Features Of Automation Anywhere Tool

Task Editor

You can generate tasks by dropping and dragging items from the toolbox. Also, you can alter, break down, or improve your tasks.

Workflow Designer

This creates a simple, inbuilt graphical presentation. Furthermore, it can include many tasks into a series along with alternate paths when a step fails.

Manual Trigger

This feature facilitates the execution of workflows or tasks based on external events.

Workload Management

It has prioritized queue management that fulfills the demands of enterprise-class SLA. Besides, it’s fully integrated with BotFarm. Thus, you can ensure a better optimization process.

Animation Lifecycle Management

This Feature enables an order to the hectic process of building RPA automation. Also, it includes the best practices of software development. Thus, ensuring successful Repeatability.

High Availability And Disaster Recovery

A business continuity solution offers disaster recovery at the server level only. But, this feature ensures the recovery through the bot level on the occasion of interruption.

Predictive Operational Analytics

This feature is possible because of the built-in Bot Insights. Its visual dashboards include actionable insights like bots at risk of failure. And also the bots with the highest return on investment and much more.

Tray Notification With Numeric Indications

The central control room is updated with the tray notification along with a numeric sign. So this could alert or warn users about issues to resolve them instantly.

Cloud-ready Architecture

This cloud-ready architecture offers infinite scalability and flexibility. And also it offers the best range of options.

To fulfill the highly demanding deployment requirements of large organizations.

Citrix Automation with AISense

Citrix is an image-based system and difficult to automate. But this AISense feature of Automation Anywhere applies the notable AI capabilities that facilitate data.

As a result, AISense scans the application image. And detects UI elements and automatically builds all the UI objects.

Other Important Features

  • Recorders
  • Visualize technology
  • Image recognition and optimized character recognition
  • Screen scraping or web data extraction
  • Centralized backup, security, and disaster recovery
  • Process inVison
  • Snap point icon
  • ROI calculator in COE dashboard, and
  • Also, other features in Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11


Automation Anywhere is a high-performance tool. Because it allows any organization to put in place RPA technology into their existing processes. Also, it has several unique features. Thus we can say that Automation Anywhere RPA is a powerful tool. Thus simplifying life for information technology across many empires.