Strengthening Your Cybersecurity Assurance Through PwC

Cyber risks are becoming popular as incidents continue to increase worldwide. It’s becoming clear that you need to strengthen your cybersecurity assurance immediately. But, how?

Well, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in the Middle East offers a comprehensive platform for cybersecurity assurance.

Why Do You Need This?

Of course, businesses today are increasingly interconnected and reliant on digital processes.

As a result, you can’t deny the fact that there will be an impact of cyber attacks. Also, every area of operations is vulnerable to such risks.

That is why you and your company needs protection. Thus, utilizing the opportunities digitalization brings to the future of the company.

To further highlight its importance, every part of the business has made this a C-suite and boardroom priority.

Let’s take a look at what PwC is made of when it comes to dealing with cybersecurity issues.

PwC Purpose

Their purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. Moreover, they help in intricate system functions. Also, aids you to adapt and evolve in a digitally transformed society.

Yes, they assist clients to make informed decisions and operate effectively within them.

Statement From The Assurance Leader

Mohamed Elborno, Assurance Leader of PwC, commits that the platform will deliver high-quality assurance services.

Furthermore, they have a lot of assurance services that we will discuss later.


-Internal Audit

-Business Controls and Enterprise Risk

-Technology and Business Resilience

  • Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services



  • You need to understand what your critical information is, who has access to it, and where it is stored.
  • Then, you need to have operational flexibility to withstand impending attacks and incidents. Also, reducing business impacts through the right mechanisms to identify, respond, and recover.
  • An understanding of your threat landscape so your defenses are adjusted to threats and your business setting.
  • A defined strategy that notifies and encourages security investment and regulatory compliance. Also, with a clear ROI. This to balance security around your most crucial assets against the risks and threats to these assets.

How Can PwC Help?

Risk Assessment And Assurance

They help understand the risks and threats through:

  • Conducting a readiness assessment against international good practices, including benchmarking.
  • Performing penetration testing to identify weaknesses in the system.
  • Analyzing and challenging existing plans, programs, ideas, and assumptions with a red team exercise.

Strategy And Governance

They aid in setting direction and vision by:

  • Developing strategy and effective governance.
  • Then, conduct employee training and awareness around cyber issues.
  • Also, setting management KPIs and reporting frameworks.

Cyber Resilience

We aid in the preparation and response to a cyber incident by:

  • Conducting cyber simulation exercises- paper-based, desktop, wargaming.
  • Then, leading Board awareness sessions and planning to ensure executive buy-in and sponsorship.


We help to make the organization secure by design:

  • Identity and access management policies and procedures.
  • Then, building security into the fabric of the organization from the Board room to the network.

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