Spiceworks Security Review In The Next Normal: Features, Details, and More

Spiceworks Security has what it takes to take your cybersecurity platform to the level. Check out this post to find out more. 

Spiceworks is a free program for IT management that supports the lives of system managers, network engineers, technicians, and other IT professionals. The quick and convenient network management app helps organizations and IT professionals to access alerts in real-time.

Besides, it provides server, switch, and IP notifications. It allows them to keep an eye on the stability of the network and its computers.

Spiceworks network software is mounted. It helps users to set up, monitor, and repair their network.

For example, the traceroute tool has been reliable and helps them to check if a host connection is sluggish or if a server is down. The network surveillance solution also includes IT protection software.

It also allows users to recognize future vulnerabilities to the network and check if their website and network are protected.

Overview of Spiceworks Security Benefits

Network Device Inventory

One of the prominent roles provided by Spiceworks is the operation of a network equipment inventory. It is capable of automatically searching all computers in a network.

It helps system operators and IT experts in just a few minutes to gather their computers. Users can gain more information on their computers with the aid of its IP scanner.

The IP addresses for new devices just tapped identify unfamiliar devices not connected to the network. An IP scanner is a tool that automatically identifies and returns information to computers on LAN or local area networks: user name, IP address, provider, operating system, MAC address, ports open, and online status.

The IT management program also helps users to produce data that they can modify and plan while running a system inventory on their network.

Real-Time Heatmap

Users will track their network in real-time with Spiceworks. You will get warnings if either of your servers, switches, or IP devices show early indicators of distress.

It allows the app to detect and resolve bugs long before users are aware of them and report them.

Spiceworks provides a range of tools for networking. It also makes it less challenging to map and troubleshoot network problems.

Among these resources is the Internet heatmap, an interactive map that displays where the Internet is situated. So, when someone says they can’t link to the Internet, users can check if the issue is with them.

It involves whether your firewall or switches are incorrect or anything to do with your ISP.

IT Security Tools

In addition to its networking software, Spiceworks provides IT security tools that allow users to verify and track their network and website security. For example, it is possible to recognize malicious IP addresses used to spam and cyber attacks.

Users can still verify if their emails are blocked. Spiceworks also provides an SSL checker that checks the proper installation of SSL certificates.

Users will be alerted when these SSL certificates expire.

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