RPA With UiPath: Best & Unique Features

RPA with UiPath is definitely an ultimate experience in the field of RPA. UiPath today makes it the most extensive and fully-featured RPA software. It dramatically takes most of the market share and is continually making its boost.

So, what are the best and unique features of this RPA software? This post will highlight them for you.

Fast Facts About UiPath RPA

  • UiPath is one of today’s most renowned software applications for RPA in the business field. 
  • This platform can automate almost any web and internal applications.
  • UiPath works well with Citrix, SAP, and BPO automation, for instance.
  • UiPath is easy to integrate even with existing processes and systems. Thus, makes it saleable as it decreases the disruption that may be caused by any digital initiative.
  • This RPA tool can be deployed on multiple platforms. So it can work on the cloud and it can also work on-premise.

Three Major Tools/Products Of UiPath

UiPath consists of 3 major tools or products. As mentioned, this RPA tool can work on the cloud and also on-premise.

1. UiPath Studio

UiPath Studio is where any automation begins and is created. For example, this tool works in a visual manner through recorders.

Moreover, this tool is made up of two parts. First, the process designer, which is where a user builds the bot. Second, it is where the bot is executed and deployed to work.

Lastly, the most exciting feature of the UiPath Studio is that it can work with anyone who does not have any coding skills. It has its drag & drop and point & click features, for instance. Which makes UiPath an exceptional tool for non-programmers. 

2. UiPath Robot

UiPath Robot is where the action of automation takes place. Besides, UiPath Robot can work both attended and unattended. Depending on its configuration and purpose, you can leave the bots working while you focus on other tasks.

Moreover, more accurate information for Citrix, SAP, and mainframe processes is now more possible with the integration of more advanced computer processing

3. UiPath Orchestrator

Lastly, this tool enables the user to monitor, schedule, manage and supervise bots in a centralized manner.

UiPath Orchestrator also aids in better decision making. Thanks to its deep workflow information and dominant analytics feature.

Key Features Of RPA With UiPath

UiPath top notches in today’s RPA market.


Consider what you experience with RPA with UiPath.

It has pre-defined activity sets

  • UiPath has a built-in of more than 300 activities. These activities cover a wide range of process automation and application integration.
  • These activity sets cover design works such as data entry, data extraction, and other automation activities.

Offers both attended & unattended automation

  • UiPath is the only RPA tool that offers a two-way automation

Has workflow templates & reusability

  • When users use a workflow, they can save it as a template and can use it again.
  • These templates can also be copied and turn them into small chunks of automation processes

Final Words

No wonder why UiPath is renowned as the most extensive and full-featured RPA tool today. UiPath can let organizations do more in less time, even with lesser costs.

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