RPA Tools: What Is Blue Prism RPA?

Many RPA tools are available in the market. But the top RPA tool for enterprises is the Blur Prism. What is Blue Prism RPA? How does it stand out among the market? 

RPA Tools Available

If we are to name the top three RPA Tools, results will show to:

  • UiPath
  • Blue Prism
  • Automation Anywhere

Blue Prism wins among the three when it comes to enterprises’ automation choice. This is probably because of its features. For instance, Blue Prism offers data security. Also, data abstraction, and analytics.

So, what is Blue Prism RPA?

Introducing: The Blue Prism

Again, Blue Prism is an RPA tool. Originally founded in 2001. This means that it automates business processes and tasks with the help of software robots. In addition, automating processes this way results in a cost-effective and agile business manner.

Moreover, the Blue Prism tool is also Java-based. Which means this tool offers a visual design feature. For example, this has easy functionality with its drag and drop feature. Plus, this goes with no scripts, recorders, or any form of intervention.

Features Of Blue Prism

Secure & Accurate

The tool has no limitations when it comes to the number of processes. Not to mention how the number of processes does not affect the quality it brings. Because results shall remain secure and accurate.


Being robust means that changes made are all in an audit. And these changes are related back to the users involved. Moreover, robust features include the following:

  • Load balancing
  • Data encryption
  • End-to-end audits

Scalable & Resilient

The tool is resilient in the sense that all processes can be monitored centrally. Besides, resilience comes with its scalability.

24-Hour Functionality

Blue Prism tool does not need in-person monitoring. It runs on itself, 24 hours a day! Thus, business runs even when you sleep.


The tool enables easy monitoring. This is because of its features like dashboards. Session information can be forwarded to the monitoring systems.

Data Security & Abstraction

Being able to work autonomously, processing information is all generated into the data center. This serves for better documentation and better security in processes.

Provide Cloud Support

The tool can also give off working capacity support. This depends on how you require this to be.

Execution Intelligence

Intelligence by robots enables dynamic connections to systems. Thus, this also enables dynamic responses to data in various environments.

The Coca-Cola Blue Prism Story 

Coca-cola, being one of the world’s biggest beverage companies. Operating in 200 countries, with almost 2 billion products. Not to mention its 200 million customers daily.

The company turned to use the Blue Prism RPA tool. The first automated tasks within their Finance Division. Then after making use of the tool with the HR division.


They divided their processes into multiple SAP systems. The results are:

  • Time-efficient in auditing data
  • Easy tracking of reports without the additional manual workforce
  • 24/7 of business operations with better efficiency

These changes have benefited the company bigtime. Because these solutions come without additional employee headcount. Also, this improved customer experience. Lastly, it allows for better end-to-end auditing performance.

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