RPA Tools Comparison: The Best Of 2021

This RPA tools comparison should help you better decide on which RPA tool to invest with. 

Basically, all of these tools serve their users well. But there should be some differences in the needs of each user. Which should affect their choice of RPA tool. 

In this post you will learn:


Rating: 9.0 over 259 reviews

Comparisons: 38,119

Website: www.uipath.com 

  • The use of APIs with UiPath proves helpful to its users.
  • Web scraping is done easily.
  • UiPath’s bots are also trainable. Not to mention that they are consistent with their learning. Which greatly helps users experience the ease of use.
  • Easily adjusts with quick updates.

All in all, UiPath is loved by its users because of its easy to use interface. For instance, it does not require programming skills. Like it makes use of visual diagrams in assigning tasks. 

So UiPath suits even the beginners in the field of RPA. It can easily adapt to user’s processes and operations. As it can help users easily implement RPA too.

Automation Anywhere (AA)

Rating: 8.4 over 366 reviews

Comparisons: 25,400

Website: www.automationanywhere.com 

  • Also easy to use
  • Very low in complexity even in building bots for processes
  • Fast execution of processes with RPA
  • Web-based 
  • Makes use of cloud-native intelligent automation: RPA, AI, machine learning, and analytics in one
  • Has its own Bot Store. It is the world’s largest marketplace of 1,000++ pre-built, intelligent solutions

Automation Anywhere is usually compared with UiPath. Since both have ease of user interface. Moreover, Automation Anywhere is known as Testing Anywhere and Automation Anywhere Enterprise.

Blue Prism

Rating: 7.8 over 30 reviews

Comparisons: 13,571

Website: www.blueprism.com 

  • Applies the multi-bot architecture
  • Can be merged with Abbey OCR. Moreover, it can provide at least 90% of accurate information on period documents.
  • Easy to use even without coding skills and experience
  • Blue Prism is also easy to work with
  • The trusted choice of Fortune 500 and public sectors
  • More than 1,000 major enterprise customers

Being one of the pioneers in RPA, Blue Prism returns hundred to millions of work hours to business. Providing an easy RPA interface while boosting employee productivity.

Kyron RPA

Rating: 8.4 ratings over 18 reviews

Comparisons: 4,139

Website: www.kyronsystems.com 

  • Kyron RPA is another user-friendly RPA tool. For instance, users can develop a bot without programming expertise.
  • Helping companies save up to a hundred thousand dollar savings through automation
  • Bots are twice as fast as a person. Not to mention that its bots are producing more accurate results.

Thus, RPA is another good RPA tool choice. Like other RPA tools hereby mentioned, Kyron RPA also has an easy user interface.

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