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RPA Software- Development Buddies In 2020

RPA software helps the organization assign tasks to robots. So these tasks will then be automated. Repetitive tasks will therefore be done by bots instead of humans.

Doing automation is both an amazing and complex job. However, tools or software can ease the load. This article will then lead you into the best RPA Software available today. 


‘Outsystems’ is best for enterprises. Both for their mobile and web applications.

This tool can help you develop complex apps. With it, you can integrate with the latest technology. For instance, microservices, IoT, RPA, reactive web, and AI/ML.

Moreover, the OutSystems tool is low-code. That means there are no limitations. Any language can be used for your personal code. Plus, you can also do platform extensions.

Outsystems also offer full-stack visual development. This means you can make use of drag-and-drop UI. Also, logic, business processes, and data models. All for the best of creating full-stack and cross-platform applications. 


This is one of the best RPA Tools in the industry today. This is a highly extensible RPA Tool. Both desktop and web applications are compatible with the tool.

The UiPath tool has auto-login features in running the bots. Moreover, they also work well with a wide range of applications. These applications can either be web or on the desktop.

Not to mention that this tool can be hosted in different modes. Works well with virtual terminals, and even with cloud environments.

UiPath offers scraping solutions. Which goes well with SAP, Legacy, PDF, Flash, Java, and .Net.

Blue Prism

Another efficient tool is the Blue Prism. Moreover, Blue Prism is easy to use and navigate. With the help of their drag and drop feature. This feature goes well with their designer-like flow chart.

Blue Prism can automate real-time feedback. That is with the help of their control room. Another cool and easy feature of Blue Prism. The tool does not require any programming expertise. For you to implement the functionality of the tool.

Not to mention how Blue Prism works with fast implementation. That is only within a period of 4 to 6 weeks of implementation.

Thus, Blue Prism is another good choice for a suitable RPA tool. This can effectively help automate efficient business processes.


This tool works well with all usage scenarios. The Pegasystems automation tool can catch insights on your desktop. Thus, Pega is efficient in getting work done.

Like for instance, Pega can quickly connect with your business’ needs. It has an Actionable Intelligence feature. This aids in your analysis. Of which processes are in need of more optimization.


HelpSystems offers its Automate tool. This is another comprehensive RPA Tool. 

Automate is easy to use and promises to deliver 5x of the solutions. Because Automate has more than 600 prebuilt automation building blocks.

Moreover, Automate is compatible with an extensive list of applications. Automate has a graphical workflow design. This helps for better collaboration of both the IT and business teams. In addition, Automate has the best capabilities with security, auditing, and integration processes.

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