RPA In The Next Normal: What Is Pega Automation?

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RPA In The Next Normal: What Is Pega Automation?

The automation of robot tasks replicated in a workflow can take place by robotic automation. Pega Robotics allows activities to be automated, leveraging current apps’ user interface.

The automation of user activities will help speed-up manual tasks.

In Pega Robotic Studio, automation did make. It is possible to download the new update 8.0 from PDN.

PRPC 7.2.1 with Pega HFIX-29471 or PRPC 7.2.2 are the minimum specifications for operating automation.

Pega Desktop Automation

Desktop automation provides consumers with a single desktop experience. It does so for desktop or mobile software incorporated and streamlined with Pega 7 applications.

Desktops and web applications should start with flow actions, and data from workflow and desktop applications move back and forth.

Desktop automation can help minimize duplication in different systems to copy and repeat data. It reduces the time taken by a CRM agent with a phone client and reduces data entry inconsistencies by constantly entering the same data.

Automation can use for convergence with legacy systems in which APIs do not or are non-compatible with current Pega 7 applications.

Automation of Pega Phase

Process automation does use for the automation of high-frequency back-end tasks. The case tasks go straight to a robotic queue in which automated automation VM conduct.

The procedure is similar to that of an agent, except the execution is done by automation instead of processing. A new dropdown form was introduced in the workbasket case to define a work queue for robotic automation.


In Pega Robotic Automation, Console automation VM can control. Also, when the number of tasks reaches the maximum queue or the automation execution time, the robotic workbasket turns red.

Installation of runtime only.

Installation of Pega Robotic Studio

The runtime client helps developers to execute automation on a desktop of their users. After beginning the runtime client, the automation project will load and press the runtime icon in the taskbar to the right. The RDA check box needs to check during client initialization to ability the REST service (API) to process Pega 7 applications automation requests.

Pega Robotic Studio has a Visual Studio built on top. Robotic Studio does also use for automation production.

In the Pega Robotic Automation Architect Essentials ( 8.0) course, the installation files and instructions are open.

Moreover, course offers an example application and step-by-step guidelines as to how automation does develop. 

More Info

Both runtime and Robotic Studio have configured files to modify via the Pega server base URL. At runtime, configure the files to C:/user/AppData/Roaming/OpenSpan to the temp folder.

Each time the Config files are changed to gather the new config updates, files must be modified or removed from this location.

Start Pega Robotic Studio and create a new Pega Robotics Project (File>New) to complete automation.

We would create automation for the claim framework for this case. For example. Automation launches a website (smartystreets.com) and checks the user’s address information.

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