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RPA Developer Career Insights 2020- Tools & Certification

Business today with an RPA developer is certainly in high need. IBM and Dell are now using RPA with their business. Automation suits well with their business growth and advancement.

Introduction: RPA Developer

Tasks today can be assigned to a robot. However, this can not be done without the help of ‘developers’. Robotic Process Automation Developers to be exact.

These developers are responsible for setting up the bot. They develop the bot to have it functional for the tasks. Their task includes bot creation, design, and development. Lastly, they’re also responsible for integrating these bots into the system.

First, the developers should investigate and analyze the goal. He first needs to see the bigger picture. Thus, he needs to understand the whole complexity of the process. That is for him to implement them into the business model. 

However, RPA Developers are not left with manual processes. They do this with the help of the right automation tools.

Automation Tools

Here are some of the automation tools RPA developers can make use of.

  • UI Automation
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Blue Prism
  • Work Fusion
  • NICE
  • UiPath
  • OpenSpan

Automation tools are the RPA Developers’ perfect partner. In a way, the developer transmits business processes into the bot. The bot will do it for the company.

However, as you can see, a developer’s task is not easy. They work for multiple roles. At first, they investigate and analyze. Then, they design the process. Next, they automate the processes. Lastly, they also serve as the production manager.

These are nothing but complex tasks. But it is not rigid to have all of these roles in a single person. It mainly depends on the company. 

Different roles can be assigned to different people. Thus, each can have their share for the job. But, if someone is well capable of the whole job description. Then, why not? If he’s good enough. Then he well deserves good pay also.

Should I Take It As A Career?

This is a good career choice. However, like most professions, you need enough knowledge for the job. Most RPA Developers are already in the IT Field. For instance, they have attained a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Engineering, or Mathematics.

However, this is not certainly necessary. Because the best skill is one’s ability to make use of the RPA tools and technology.

The following are online RPA Development courses. This shall help one develop his interest and skills with the RPA Development.

RPA Academy’s Online Robotic Process Automation Training

They offer both online and onsite training. They have a 28-day RPA Certification online. Not to mention that RPA Academy is Blue Prism certified. Thus, this is a reputable certification. The course is only for 28 days.

UiPath Academy Online Training Program

Another certified training is from the UiPath itself. They offer lessons to teach one how to make the best use of the UiPath tool. Training comes from RPA experts. This well prepares one for his RPA career. Besides, they have online classes. Lessons have a total of 60 hours.

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