Robotic Process Automation Tools (Free and Paid)

Robotic Process Automation Tools

Robotic process automation tools are necessary for simplifying back-office tasks, specifically repetitive tasks. If you google for choices, perhaps you will find many; choosing the best one can be challenging. 

So this post will list the top robotic process automation tools that best fit most business needs. The list is a mix of both free and paid tools. In addition, we will include a list of the tool’s features for your easy tool evaluation. 

Robotic Process Automation Tools Examples

1. Eggplant of Keysight Technologies

Eggplant is a leader in RPA because of its award-winning RPA solutions. For instance, the platform is recognized by Gartner and Forrester, of which are both top RPA analysts.

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RPA Features:

  • End-to-end automation
  • Ability to interact with different systems in completing a task
  • It makes use of a universal fusion engine
  • Resolve issues in real-time with its data analytics
  • Reduces manual errors 

However, this RPA platform is for process experts and is not preferable for technical experts or developers.

2. Automate by HelpSystems

Automate is an RPA platform designed for complex repetitive and manual processes. Also, the platform can provide an easy, stable, and robust functionality RPA solution, which can suit any organization’s needs.

RPA Features:

  • It contains more than 600 prebuilt automation building blocks
  • Also has a graphical workflow design for accessible communication between IT and business departments
  • Integrable with an extensive list of applications
  • Capable of intelligent automation
  • Security, auditing, and integration capabilities fitting industry-scale 

3. Visual LANSA

Visual LANSA is a hybrid low-code development platform. It aids in digitally transforming organizations and improving IT performance while minimal technical debts and risks.

RPA Features:

  • The developer can configure any part of an application
  • Easy transformation of manual and paper-based processes into digital (web, cloud, mobile, and desktop applications, for instance)
  • Quick deployment to IBM or Windows server

4. KOFAX from LexMark

KOFAX, for instance, is a codeless RPA platform that allows you to acquire, enhance, and deliver data from any data source. For example, it can be any website, portals, desktop applications, and enterprise systems.

RPA Features:

  • Automating Data Gathering and Input allows you to remove errors
  • Intelligent Software Robots helps improve your operational efficiency
  • Robotic Process Intelligence also aids in easy monitoring and boosting processes
  • Has a centralized server where you can quickly deploy, manage and execute the bots
  • Has built-in analytics

5. Power Automate

Power Automate is another powerful tool that can help you boost your organization’s productivity. The Power Automate RPA solutions can also let you create a secure workflow without any coding.

RPA Features:

  • It contains a thorough step-by-step guide on how to simplify the business process by automation
  • Security is also assured through MS security technology
  • Text recognition, object detection, and form processing- through AI models
  • Integrable with Microsoft apps: Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamic 365, for instance

6. Creator

Creator is another codeless RPA solution that allows you to build software. Also, this tool is integrable with PayPal, Zapier, and QuickBooks.

RPA features:

  • Offers role-based functionality for easy workflow distribution
  • Provides insightful reports for better decisions
  • Easy drag and drop interface 
  • Supports iOS and Android

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