Project Management Software Overview In 2020

Project Management Software is what the project manager needs right now to succeed in the digital era. 

Project Management Software Overview In 2020

Why is project management often inefficient and time-consuming? Are you always updating spreadsheets repeatedly, drowning, and taking part in weekly update meetings?

Time and effort might get wasted. With a small help from the right software tool, you can have a full overview of your project at a glance.

More than enough project management software is currently available to help you stay on top of every project.

What is Project Management Software?

Software for project management is a software used for project planning by a wide range of industries. It includes the allocation of resources and timetables.

It allows project managers and whole teams to monitor the budget, quality management, and documentation exchanged in a project. Moreover, the program is also a platform to facilitate project stakeholder collaboration.

What makes a useful Project Management Software?

There is a lot to consider in running and managing projects, from tracking deliverables to managing resources, from budget management to collaborate with team members. Also, it applies to the choice of the right software for management.


Basecamp is a popular software for project management. It uses by many project management teams. This software offers various functions for collaboration.

These include an area of discussion in which users can leave comments behind. Besides, a summary of your team’s projects sent to your email every day.

Users can also contribute via email to discussions. Furthermore, you may use a powerful search tool in this software to find files or conversations if you can not find a particular item.

However, the lack of milestones and customization options include specific weaknesses. It also works by not being able to add or assign an estimated time to a task.

 Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is an excellent management software for the user of management. Moreover, the Projects contain all the tools that need to track project development.

The app is very flexible and has several intuitive features. Task management includes milestones.

You can, for example, link lists of tasks to milestones, messaging, and file storage. Also, teamwork helps project teams to view the project with a clearly defined calendar, Gantt chart, and setup report.

DropBox, Google Drive, and support for file management are available.


ProofHub is an app that emphasizes simplicity in online project management. Furthermore, this software primarily aimed at small and growing companies.

Groups and clients that can discuss share and edit projects. Projects. Proofhub also allows users to create Gantt charts for individual roles.

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