ProcessRobot vs WinAutomation: What Are The Differences?

ProcessRobot vs WinAutomation- both are leading RPA tools existing within the RPA market. But which is which?

What Is ProcessRobot RPA?

ProcessRobot is an RPA tool under Softomotive, which is now under the Microsoft Corporation. ProcessRobot is another leading enterprise in the RPA industry. It also implements enterprise-grade security and controls, for instance. Not to mention that it links to the best of today’s AI technologies. 

This tool suits low code business automation processes. Not to mention that It is an affordable yet robust RPA tool.

ProcessRobot helps organizations reduce their operational costs. While it highly improves efficiency with its tasks. It also increases the level of productivity in employees. As a result, it accelerates business performance and levels up customer service experience.

Why users choose ProcessRobot?

  • To drive innovation within the organization
  • Better deal with cost management
  • Solve internal and operational inefficiencies
  • Enhance revenues

What Is WinAutomation RPA?

WinAutomation is another RPA tool by Softomotive. This is another robust yet easy tool deployment. It is a Windows-based software tool that can help its users build software robots. 

Software robots can automate both web-based and desktop tasks. More particularly manual, rule-based, and repetitive tasks. 

The WinAutomation software tool comes in three various editions. Namely, the basic edition, the professional edition, and the professional plus edition.

Various Editions Of WinAutomation RPA

  • Basic Edition- offers only the basic features. For instance, basic actions and basic triggers.
  • Professional Edition- more features are available in the professional edition. Autologin, error handling, robot compiler, secure screen feature, and maximum running time, for instance.
  • Professional Plus Edition- the Professional Plus Edition offers more features than the Profession Edition

Why users choose WinAutomation?

ProcessRobot vs WinAutomation: Know The Difference

See the comparison of tools below. This comparison should help users better decide which tool to invest in.




  • In need of better support for custom components building
  • The recording of processes still needs more enhancements. For example, to add more AI and precision discovery paths.
  • More features in need like in UiPath and Automation Anywhere
  • The robots also need to better develop resilience after errors



  • Quick deployment of smaller automation processes
  • Has competitive pricing amidst the Romanian market
  • Very easy to use
  • Has a code three platform. As a result, it eases the creation of custom animations in documents.
  • Capability to integrate across different systems
  • You can also run multiple automation at the same time
  • Technical support is highly commendable


  • The older version is not that user-friendly
  • More detailed training is needed. For instance, users ask for more examples of the functions’ capabilities. In addition, processes should also be explained more.
  • The tool needs for advanced AI capability
  • It is a challenge to deal with OCR functionality
  • The need to improve its performance with Angular websites

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