Practice Protect For Accounting & Bookkeeping Security 2020

The Practice Protect is another known cybersecurity platform. Practice Protect specially caters cybersecurity needs of accounting firms. Also, with bookkeeping firms.

Practice Accounting Safety

Practice Protect is especially trusted by the Australian accounting industry. This cybersecurity platform goes with the right tools and policies. Moreover, it provides security training. As a result, this platform gained certifications. No doubt how many accounting firms and professionals are putting trust in this platform.

How does Practice Protect work?

  • It provides cloud-based accounting security. Both on the firm itself, and of their client’s data and information.
  • Also, it can customize access restrictions. This can be based on the user’s IP address or location.
  • It can manage password resets for better control.
  • Also, it enhances encryption by two-factor authentication
  • Whenever there are suspicious logins, you’ll also receive notifications.

Security Training

One best feature of Practice Protect is the provision of security training. They do this for the accounting firms and their stakeholders.

This is especially helpful in providing security awareness among everyone. Being experts in the field, they can provide up to date information. Of today’s cyber awareness and policies. 

Training not only benefits the client’s data. But of the firm itself. There are policies and compliance they must adhere to. Thus, making use of this training can further help firms to submit. 

Moreover, integration with this security platform. Also enhances an accounting firm’s reputation with its clients. This shall create trust and confidence. Most importantly, they are dealing with data and finances.

Security Features

Again, this platform is specially designed for accounting firms. 

  • This provides the firms with a dashboard. This dashboard provides an overview of its cloud accounting applications. Plus, only those who are having access gains permission.
  • Besides, this feature uses a single password only. So for instance of an unauthorized password reset. It is therefore under control. Because notification emails will be sent to the chosen password manager.
  • Remote access is prohibited and controlled. This is because the software will only permit access. If the IP address of the user is in their BPO location or office only. This enhances protection against cyber hackers outside the firm.
  • Transparency regarding access is one of its features. For example, this software will show access logs. It provides the details of the applications in access. Also, it will show the user and its location of access. 
  • In addition to that, in the case of suspicious logins, alerts will be sent. For instance, there are repetitive login failures. Also, it logs access from unusual locations. Not to mention if it is done at irregular times. These are all put into a log. And these should better inform the security team of suspicious activities.


Practice Protect will also provide certifications for those who passed their audit. Certification shows that the accounting firm observes high accounting security practices. This shall further serve as proof of security for their clients. This also concerns the company’s adherence to legal policies. Also, it certifies that their employees have training for security.

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