Oracle Cyber Security: Seeing the Future in the Cloud

What is the scene today at Oracle cyber security?

What is the scene today at Oracle cyber security? The scene of today’s tech is always changing, and so do cyber risks and customer expectations.

Today, new cyber threats are popping up everywhere and there are a lot of them. Its because more sectors and customers are relying on computing, networks, and data.

Also, more and more technologies are getting released year by year. Making devices move into people’s pockets. Meaning, more and more data needs protection.

That is why Oracle is making its move and strategies to keep up with this. How so?

Oracle Cyber Security

Customers today want to offload cyber security. So, companies are looking at third-party vendors to help them in this area.

Large companies and the government handle lots of vital data and systems. So, it’s hard for them to manage all these on their own.

Thus, Cloud vendors like Oracle can help them in this area. They can manage the data of tens of thousands of customers while making sure it is secure. 

This is because Oracle focuses all their resources on these security issues. That way, they can make secure systems in a way large companies and the government cannot.

So, what are the moves they are doing to better these services?

Oracle Seeing the Future in the Cloud

Oracle sees the future of cyber security in the Cloud. That is why they are making efforts like building their second-generation Cloud.

With this new Cloud, there is no way attackers can get through its security. It not even possible for Oracle itself to look at their customer’s data and memory.

What makes it possible for them to give this level of security? It is:

  • the security processor mediates all network access in and out
  • the security code runs outside of the computer that runs the application code
  • separate connection via the Ethernet
  • machine-learning algorithms looking for patterns of attack
  • Autonomous Database with automated patching and no downtime

Thus, this new Cloud model makes Oracle stand out from its rivals. And it makes them better in the eyes of their customers.

Also, Oracle has a more holistic view of the problem because they build every level of the stack:

  • storage systems
  • computers
  • operating systems
  • virtualization software
  • networking software
  • application software
  • control-plane

Cyber Security, the People, and the Cloud

Before, when the Cloud was new, a lot of people think that this is a threat to cyber security. But today, more and more realize its vital role in keeping their data safe.

They are now understanding what vital role Cloud vendors like Oracle plays. And how they can take advantage of them.

What, then, are the perks of moving to the Cloud? Here are some:

  • lifting the burden of cyber security from customers
  • customers have more chance to focus on their organization
  • customer can focus on giving value to their organization
  • employees can focus on their roles
  • helps companies manage their information
  • aids in making better decisions
  • Clouds are flexible and workloads are easier to move

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