NIST NCCoE: Excellent Platform For Cybersecurity Solutions

Most companies rely on partnerships. Well, it enables them to create practical solutions for specific industries. For cybersecurity, NIST NCCoE is a great platform. What is it by the way?

What It Means

NIST stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology. While NCCoE (National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence) is a part of NIST.

Both are links towards cybersecurity improvement, together with its partnering agencies.

Moreover, it is a collaborative hub for organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions. As a result, each sector helps the other address cybersecurity issues.

Moreover, it is not for the simplest cyber-attacks only. But even the most complex and suppressing concerns.

The NCCoE applies standards and best practices to develop cybersecurity solutions. So these solutions are modular and adaptable. How? By using available technology.

How It Works

Well, it’s somehow simple to understand. Because the NCCoE asks industry sector members about their cybersecurity problems. After that, it then selects issues that affect an entire sector or linking sectors.

Moreover, it forms a team from partnering companies, agencies, and academia. Because the purpose is to build example solutions using existing products.

For each example solution, the NCCoE publishes a practice guide. Moreover, it is a collection of materials and information for the example solution deployment. Thus, making it available to the public.

As a result, the center can aim for their goal. That is to provide businesses with improved cyberattack defense.


Adam Lewis, Chief Security Architect of Motorola Solutions, approves the hub’s ways of improvement. Also, he says that it allows them to work with the brightest mind. For instance, to solve challenging cybersecurity problems. Besides, he commented that is useful for their customers as well.

“Together we work to share our collective knowledge and experience to elevate the state of cybersecurity across diverse markets and for the betterment of all,” Adam concluded.

Kevin Fiftal, Civilian Director of Intel Americas said: “We value our public/private partnership with the NCCoE greatly and look forward to fulfilling our responsibilities and commitments with great passion at the center.”

“Our work with the Situational Awareness Use Case team at NCCoE has been a very important step in its collaborative mission to improve the cybersecurity posture of our nation’s very critical Energy market. TDi Technologies is honored to be a part of the Situational Awareness Use Case team and we look forward to working with the NCCoE on future projects,“ Bill Johnson, Founder, and CEO, TDi Technologies

Ongoing Projects

  • Artificial Intelligence: Adversarial Machine Learning
  • Consumer Home IoT Product Security
  • Continuous Monitoring for IT Infrastructure
  • Data Integrity: Detecting and Responding (SP)
  • Data Integrity: Identifying and Protecting (SP)
  • Derived PIV Credentials (SP)
  • Improving Cybersecurity of Managed Service Providers
  • IoT Device Characterization
  • Mobile Device Security: Mobile Device Security: Bring Your Device
  • Also, Mobile Device Security: Cloud and Hybrid Builds (SP)
  • Mobile Device Security: Mobile Threat Catalogue
  • Securing Home IoT Devices Using MUD (SP)
  • Security for IoT Sensor Networks
  • TLS Server Certificate Management (SP)
  • Trusted Cloud: VMware Hybrid Cloud IaaS Environments
  • Critical Cybersecurity Hygiene: Patching the Enterprise (SP)

Crypto Agility

  • Data Integrity: Recovering (SP)
  • Mobile Device Security: Corporate-Owned Personally-Enabled (SP)

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