NHS Cyber Security and Patient Care: 2020 Update

NHS cyber security and patient care. What relationship do the two of them have? And what steps is the NHS doing to ensure cyber security?

In this article, we will know why cyber security is vital for better patient care. And let us see what the NHS’s efforts are.

NHS Cyber Security and Patient Care

National Health Service or NHS is the UK’s medical and health care services. It’s funded by the public and gives free healthcare to all living in the UK.

Today, many still do not know the connection of cyber security with healthcare and NHS. But this issue is not only the job of computer and IT geeks.

It is the job of everyone working at NHS to ensure a safe cyberspace. And make sure the NHS is far from any cyber risks.

Why? Because cyber security affects patient care. How? There are a lot of cyber-attacks looming around NHS.

There’s the risk of fraud that can cost the NHS a lot of money in the end.

Then, there are a lot of vital and sensitive data the NHS is handling. If these are put at risk, they can affect their patient care and the patient’s data is also at risk.

This includes the data about their over 1.3 million staff. So, this is why cyber security is very vital in this agency as with others.

That is why the NHS is focusing on training and giving their staff a lot of knowledge. Stressing on the duties of each one to help maintain cyber security in the organization.

Then, some of the steps they taught their staff was simple. Like:

  • making good and strong passwords
  • keeping passwords safe
  • avoid clicking on questionable links
  • not using work computers for personal use
  • not using common passwords with work and personal networks

Also, there are further ways the NHS is making its cyber security efforts stronger.

Cyber Security via CareCERT

The CareCERT or Care Computer Emergency Response Team is a national service by NHS. This started in 2015 and aims to better the cyber security of health and care organizations all over the UK. 

So, they do this by advising and guiding them with the latest digital threats. And also the best and latest cyber security practices.

Then, CareCERT widened its services to give more range of support. The services they offer are:

  • CareCERT Broadcast. This helps organizations by helping them be aware of the threats out there. But they first know and analyze these threats. Before broadcasting them to health and care organizations. Also, they tell them about looming criminals in the area.
  • CareCERT Assure. It is a free service that tests an organization’s cyber preparedness. This helps them focus on areas they need to better.
  • CareCERT React. This is a support service to organizations when a cyber-attack happens. They give them fast and professional guidance and advice to help them take vital steps.
  • CareCERT Knowledge. This is an e-learning service and training programs. It aims to help inform healthcare staff of their duties to ensure data and cyber security.

With all these efforts, NHS is showing how serious it is with cyber security.

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