Netflix Data Breach -How To Prevent Getting “Victimized”

What is Netflix Data Breach all about? Well, Netflix is being hacked. And the internet security site McAfee reports that hackers have gained access to volumes of accounts.

Moreover, they would sell information like credit card details. As well as Netflix login credentials and loyalty scheme rewards. They do it simply for just a small cash reward.

So how would you prevent your Netflix accounts from being hacked?

The Netflix Data Breach

Scammers are selling people’s Netflix logins on social media and other means. Millions of more login accounts, email addresses, and passwords have leaked online. Especially as business battled to contain commercial fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Tory Hunt, a security researcher, “Have I Been Pwned” collected almost 9.8 billion records from corporate data breaches. And these data breaches do not only include Netflix. But also Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Dropbox.

Additionally, these scammers buy “directories” of account credentials from darknet market sites before programming automated botnets. They pummel popular websites with people’s reused logins. They do it a thousand times per second hoping to gain access.

As a result, the legitimate user then finds himself locked out, and their login for Netflix.

Netflix Credentials Sold On The Black Market

Netflix has become popular since its launch in 1997. Then just recently, the company launched a streaming service globally. And it’s available in more than 190 regions in the world. As a result, it attracted the cyber attacker’s attention.

Attackers are stealing Netflix credentials so they could sell them on the black market. Thus providing access to streaming services for less expensive prices.

Methods Attackers Use

There are two methods attackers use to gain user credentials. First, the malware is disguised as Netflix. And the other one is phishing for Netflix credentials.

Malware Disguised As Netflix

This malware involves attackers who use malicious apps. It ten poses as Netflix on compromised computers’ desktops.

Usually, these files are most likely downloaded by users being tricked by fake advertisements. As well as offers of free access to Netflix or cheaper.

Phishing For Netflix Credentials

Attackers also target Netflix users via phishing campaigns. They commonly use spam emails. Through these emails, they try to trick people into disclosing their Netflix account credentials.

Additionally, Netflix subscriptions allow 4 or 5 users in the same account. So, the attackers can piggyback on their subscription without their knowledge.

Moreover, by these phishing campaigns, users are redirected to fake Netflix websites. They then trick users into providing login credentials, personal information, and payment details.

How To Protect Your Netflix Account From Being Hacked?

Make sure to download only the Netflix application from official sources. There is no current app for Apple computers. So download only from Google Play Store or Windows Store.

Also, avoid services that offer Netflix for a free or reduced price. Because that may contain malicious files. Additionally, you can check if someone has accessed your account. You can go into your User Profile and click “viewing activity.”

If something looks suspicious, then choose to sign out of all devices. After that, change the password of your account.

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