National Cybersecurity Programme- Cybersecurity Awareness

The goal of the National Cybersecurity Programme (NCSP) is to spread cyber awareness. Moreover, this is essentially crucial today with the fast-growing number of cyber attacks.

The Need For Awareness

Cyberattacks are also considered a globally destructive crime. Because these malicious attacks have disrupted not only business operations. But also healthcare providers and federal state’s systems and networks.

Moreover, these attacks are evolving in nature. Because they are growing in sophistication. That is why then effective measures do not remain effective. So continuous training and awareness to all web users are needed.


This is where the NCSP or National Cybersecurity Programme enters the scene. Because the NCSP aims to spread robust awareness regarding cybersecurity.

  • Well experienced and the best trainers will be provided. This is to be delivered to the Faculty of Resource Centre on intervals.
  • After, this trained faculty will then pass on the training. So they can conduct awareness programs in various forms. For example, by seminars, conferences, or events.

Cybersecurity Awareness Best Practices For Employees

Suppose your company has employed the best security policies. Not to mention how your company makes use of the top and leading cybersecurity platforms. But how you behave as an individual user, all make a difference.

Thus, being security conscious when engaging in the web is a priority. This is what cybersecurity awareness is all about. So what are the best practices that employees should take into consideration?

Protect Your Data

You may take full control in protecting your personal data. For example, you are very much cautious handling your social security number, and also your credit card credentials.

However, when engaging with corporate tasks, may you handle data carefully too. Thus, always remember how malicious attackers can fake matters up.

  • They can create legitimate-looking email addresses and websites.
  • Fake caller ID information
  • Intrude your company’s social media account
  • Send you legitimate in appearance emails

So, be careful not to engage with malicious and unconfirmed tasks.

Avoid Pop-Ups And Unknown Links

Phishing is one of today’s best modes of cyberattacks. Because your security is only a click away. 

Phishers can enter by pop-up windows or links. So be careful because you’ll never know what’s inside those links and windows.

For example, consider practicing these:

  • Do not or never enter any corporate information in response to emails and pop-ups. Especially when this is unknown, and you did not initiate.
  • For companies, practice email authentication technology. This blocks suspicious emails.
  • Always contact your security department in case of any suspicious leads.

Boost Passwords And Authentication

This may sound too obvious, but this is usually where a lot falls. Not to mention how passwords serve as a gateway to your company’s assets of data. 

For instance, consider the following suggestions:

  • Passwords may be at least 10 characters
  • These should include symbols, numbers, and capital and lowercase letters
  • You can consider having a password manager software
  • For companies, make sure sensitive networks have strict password policies. For example, multi-factor authentication or the use of biometrics. Because these further provides a layer of protection and security.

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