Must-Read CIO Books For A Successful Career

Continuous learning is the key to success for leaders. We have compiled the best CIO books to help you with that.

Books made huge contributions to our society. Where are we now if those don’t exist? A good book can change your life. Moreover, they teach important lessons. Furthermore, they can inspire us for the years to come.

Effective leadership is essential for chief information officers. Furthermore, they must have a deep understanding of technology trends. Otherwise, organizations face downfall and loss in the competition. 

Fortunately, there are tons of great books out there to keep CIOs constantly educated. Here are some of the best CIO books that a CIO must-read.

The Industries of the Future – Alec J. Ross

Alec Ross served as Hillary Clinton’s Senior Advisor for Innovation. He traveled the world as part of his job. As a result, he knows changing technology makes an impact on this world.

This book highlights the forces of digital transformation. He cited some examples of them that served as a success or failure. Furthermore, Ross detailed the potential impact of robotics. He also analyzed the industries that have a great impact on the economic future. Moreover, he detailed the potential impact of AI and many more.

The AI Advantage: How to Put the Artificial Intelligence Revolution to Work by Thomas Davenport

People have held huge expectations for AI since its first day. Author Thomas Davenport gives a better and more realistic POV on AI. Furthermore, he discussed what AI can bring into your business. Davenport explains how looking at the smaller applications of AI can make your business more efficient.

Moreover, Davenport detailed in the book that AI can work side-by-side with employees without replacing humans. Davenport’s book is a must-read for people looking for a realistic perspective on AI.

The Digital Matrix: New Rules for Business Transformation Through Technology

This book highlights the problem of organizations operating on old business models. Such a situation knocks those organizations out of the competition. Moreover, this book helps us see what type of players are leading. This book also shows strategies that ensure success in this digital era.

Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories – Tarah Wheeler

Most CIO books are written by men and made for men. This book breaks that stereotype. It features inspirational stories from successful women in the tech industry. Furthermore, this book breaks the social bias that men are only the ones capable of effective leadership. 

This book also highlights the contributions of inspiring women. Some examples are Women 2.0 founder Angie Chang. Also, digital technology consultant and angel investor Esther Dyson.

CTO: A Complete Guide 2019 by Gerardus Blokdyk

If you are confused about what questions to ask for an assessment, this book is a great help. This book is for CIOs and other business leaders. Moreover, this will help you identify the areas of improvement for your company. This book had previous versions and all of them have great reviews from business leaders that had read those. This book is no different from the others.

Furthermore, this is a must-read even for readers who have read the previous versions. This 2019 version added 1900 new questions. For what purpose? To help you find core areas of your leadership. This book also helps readers find thought processes that need attention.

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