Motorola Solutions: Cybersecurity Professional Services

Do you need some cybersecurity professional services, but don’t know where to look? Here is your good news!

Motorola Solutions gives you cybersecurity professional services. First, listen to this!

Why “Cybersecurity Professional Services”

Well, the rise of the digital world possesses unprecedented feats. From productivity increase to robotic process automation.

But, there’s a trap. Together with the improvement comes the cybersecurity incidents’ explosion. We don’t want that, right?

Businesses and government agencies need the digital transition. As a result, they are the main targets of cybercrimes.

Moreover, most of us may think that we’re safe, but we’re not. Today, polymorphic attacks are everywhere and no one is immune.

As a response, we need cybersecurity services. Yet, it evolves as well.

Furthermore, it’s a challenge for every business. To find compliant professional services while managing appropriate security controls.

Motorola Solutions can help you think through it.

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Understanding Your Cybersecurity Risk Posture

Motorola’s Cybersecurity Professional Services present a complete and systematic process. This is for classifying, evaluating, and maintaining cybersecurity risk throughout business systems.

With this service, you will understand your cybersecurity risk posture. That relates to your organization’s operational environment.

Moreover, Motorola gives a complete assessment of your attack surface profile. Then, provides an evaluation and remedies with detailed instructions.

Of course, technologies and business processes change with time. This means that security threats are changing as well. So, your organization’s security posture is never still.

The more reason you have to create periodic security posture assessments. What for?

Well, this assessment will help you maintain a current record of vulnerabilities. Also, aids you to focus on necessary remediation activities.

NIST Framework

In 2014, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued the Framework. This is for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.

The Framework aims to help organizations to achieve specific cybersecurity outcomes.

Moreover, it includes leading disciplines from different standards bodies. Practices that certifies to be effective when executed.

Motorola Solutions engaged alongside government and industry partners to help promote this framework.

As a result, Motorola’s assessment abides with the NIST recommendations. Also, it leverages the NIST guidance. How?

Motorola maps the Framework to your organization’s current risk management processes/procedures. Thus, determining your current cybersecurity profile risk levels and directions.

Improving Risk Management By Identifying And Reducing Threats

The Motorola Cybersecurity Professional Services team has acquired a systematic risk management approach.

Risk owners and decision-makers gain measured and genuine affection for relevant risk factors.


They only select applicable controls spanning Technical, Management, and Operational categories.


  • Using physical observation
  • Computerized and custom tools

Motorola will assess potential threat scenarios. Also, it covers what are the potential risk implications.


They see all applicable risk factors. Also, takes it into account before and during the evaluation.

Then, they will develop a threat profile and prepares a Risk Scorecard report. There is a [low, moderate, high, and critical] sign for each finding and issues identified.

Finally, there is a remediation recommendation that will follow each finding and issue.

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