Microsoft Digital Transformation Insights- Business Needs 2020

In this article, we will see how Microsoft Digital Transformation does this. The need for technology in today’s businesses employs the implementation of digital transformation. Further, learn from this technology giant. As to how they implement a digital transformation, and how we can gain insights from them.

The Need For Digital Transformation By Microsoft

Technology is something widely needed in this technology-growing world. That is because technology-not only shapes business growth. But it also helps in the change of industrial landscapes.

Microsoft believes that digital transformation aids in more growth and innovation. Also, this transformation is not only beneficial for digital companies. But this is also for any type of growing and fast-paced business. 

Digital transformation is useful in several ways for a business. Consider the following reasons below:

  • Customer engagement
  • Empowering employees in the business
  • Optimizing operations
  • Product transformation
  • Overhead reduction
  • Resources conservation
  • Increased profitability
  • Better and optimum operation efficiencies

With the benefits mentioned, adapting to digital transformation certainly expedites business growth. 

Do you know that an average of 100 million dollars is generated with this? This is with the annual additional operating income. This is a comparison apart from those who did not adapt to it.

However, only 14 percent of organizations today do so. Also, only 5 percent claim the mastery of going digital.

Microsoft Digital Transformation Insights

Leadership Impacts Most

Although technology does the job of growth, leadership tops the matter. Microsoft says ‘technology is a means, not an end, for transformation’.

Moreover, they further highlight the need for good leadership. This is to make efficient digital transformation better possible.

Leaders themselves should be convinced of how technology can make a change. If he can employ this within himself. 

That is, they fully understand how it can make a change in the business. Also, a holistic understanding of how this affects their products, assets, customers. This can lead to an efficient digital transformation for the whole organization.

So, the first one to educate with digital transformation is the leaders.

Effective Change Management

Revolution takes the change in today’s industry. Furthermore, this revolution employs culture change throughout the organization.

This shall impact how the organization interacts in several ways. 

For example, it impacts the following:

  • Decision making of the organization
  • Customer engagement
  • Supply chain management
  • Innovation ways, design, and manufacture

These changes should be effectively informed throughout the organization. Or else, transition chaos will take over. This is due to the new culture change transformation. 

Connect Company Assets And Everything In Between

‘Everything in-between’ includes customers, products, people, and assets. All of these factors need to be connected. 

That is just how business should be nowadays, and leaders should understand that. This is how things go with digital transformation.

For example:

  • Products delivered to customers are connected to the organization at all times.
  • The business can connect with its customer and its environment all the time too.

These connections are very much useful in data analysis. This shall further help the business drive better decisions. Thus, digital transformation does more than one expects.

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