ManageEngine Device Control Plus: Must-Read Review 2020

The ManageEngine has launched their new product. The ManageEngine Device Control Plus. What are its features? Is it worth trying for? 

DLP Solution

Data leaks and breaches have been today’s most used attack by hackers. Not to mention email phishing and ransomware attacks.

The ManageEngine introduces its DLP Solution (Data Leak Prevention). This is the ManageEngine Device Control Plus.

This tool specially cares for removable devices. That may cause data leaks. Moreover, plugging in of devices within a company cannot be all monitored. All the more so that internal hacking is getting its grip in today’s cybercrime too.

Flash drive transfers cannot be easily tracked on. Because these transfers do not leave their prints. And this makes it vulnerable to data leakage. Because you’ll never know who has your data. You may be blind enough to see. That it is on your employee’s drive. And you’ll never know who has malicious intentions inside the organization.

Furthermore, this is how this tool is going to work. This is designed to be a comprehensive Data Leakage Prevention solution. Most specially developed for removable devices, such as USBs or flash drives.

How does it work?

Data Protection From Intruders

This will enable blocking the transfer of files from removable devices. Instead, you can have it set into read-only access. Moreover, there are security policies implemented within the tool. That will enhance the data security protection of your network.

Transfer Limitations And Control

On the other hand, this tool will help you keep track of transfers. Moreover, it shall set transfer limitations. Like for instance, it can have regulations with the file size and file type. Of the file or data, you are to transfer. It much depends on how your business does with that data.

Zero Trust Approach

Aside from transfer limitations, you can set authorized devices for transfers. This is helpful for easy monitoring of file transfer. Because it takes a lot of time. To manually identify and block devices. 

So this tool will let you create your ‘trusted device list’. 

Granting Temporary Access

However, if there is truly a need for some file transfer. Especially with third party devices of your employers. This tool is not that rigid so to speak. You can still allow temporary access to them within a period. This, of course, should be monitored. The aim is to encourage productivity within the workplace.

Easy Comprehensive Control

Although this is a tedious and complex task. But this tool can make it easier for you. It will provide you with dashboards for easy monitoring. Also, it has set device control policies for optimum security.

Be Notified For Hack Attempts

One amazing feature of this is this. You will receive an alert if someone tries to intrude. Also, you will know who uses such devices. This goes with clear-cut audits and reports.

This is helpful for real-time security monitoring. Especially with internal malicious intentions that may occur within your company. 

Overall, Device Control Plus makes internal cybersecurity easier.

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