Malwarebytes Free Vs. Premium Version 2020: Review

Malwarebytes is formerly called MBAM. Or the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. From the name itself, it is an anti-malware software. This software works well with different Operating Systems. Namely, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and even Chrome OS.

The Malwarebytes History

Malwarebytes was originally released in January 2006. The corporation is named by itself- the Malwarebytes Corporation. Being 14 years in the business, Malwarebytes is fairly professional in their services.

Although it was originally released in 2006. Stable releases of this software are in 2020. macOS tops the release on April 27, 2020. Android and Chrome OS were stably released on May 26, 2020. Moreover, Windows followed on July 10, 2020.

This software is available in 30 languages. This speaks of its global security platform services.

How Malwarebytes Works

From the name itself, this software scans for malware. Such as malicious software, and even rogue security software. Besides, it also scans for spyware and adware.

Malwarebytes does the scanning by batch. This is perfect if another anti-malware software is being used in the device. Because this shall not cause interference with their services.

FREE And Premium Paid Versions

Like any other platform, Malwarebytes Corporation offers a FREE Trial version. However, there are differences in their functionality.

Manual running of the software is needed with the Free Version. It is up to the user when he will run scans for protection. While the Premium version runs for you in automation. It can do the following services for you:

  • Schedules regular scanning
  • Automatic file scanning upon opening
  • Malicious website auto-blocking
  • Scans in-use programs and services

However, if you opt to try this software. You can initially set for the Free version. The free version scans fast. It can even freely remove malware.

But as mentioned, the software should be run manually by the user. Thus, there is no real-time protection. And since it is free, it misses some malware during testing. So the free version is not for premium security. It is free, after all.

With that being said, this Free version works well with another antivirus program.

The Premium Version

Malwarebytes Premium Version is somehow not that pricey. It will only cost you $39.99 per year. That goes for only a single device. However, they offer a 25% discount if you opt for a 2-year plan. Because it will only be $69.98 for the two years subscription.

The premium version is compatible with any device. It goes well with your desktop computer, whether it’s Windows or Mac. It can even secure your mobile device.

Thus, the Premium version is for holistic optimum protection. It protects you in real-time from different threats. From trojans to ransomware. Also, with viruses, spyware, and worms.

An advantage of the premium version is its real-time alerts. For instance, it will notify and alert you whenever you visit a suspicious website. Moreover, it works quickly but in a comprehensive way. 

Overall, Malwarebytes Premium is a good deal. Plus, this software will not interfere with your device. It can keep your device running. Even with the software running in the background.

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