Looking Back At The Massive 2019 Armor Games Data Breach

Hackers compromised 100% of Armor Games’ user accounts. Let’s take a look at what happened on the Armor Games data breach.

Armor Games developed these popular games:

  • Kingdom Rush
  • Gemcraft
  • Dawn of the Dragons

The company confirmed that hackers compromised 100% of the company’s user data. This occurred in February 2019. Moreover, hackers leaked more than 620 million online accounts from 16 different websites. Afterward, they sold it to the dark web.

Dark Web

The Register revealed that hackers put the leaked accounts for sale on the dark web. The name of the marketplace is Dream Market cyber-souk. It can be accessed using the browser Tor. Furthermore, The Register found around 1.85 GB worth of Armor Games for sale at the Dream Market. It costs 0.2749 BTC. That is equivalent to $988.

Moreover, The Register noted that some of these online accounts contained social media authentication tokens. Furthermore, some of the accounts contain the location of the users. Fortunately, the leaked information from the Armor Games data breach did not contain payment card information or other financial details. 

Other Effects of The Armor Games Data Breach

The compromised users’ data include sensitive info such as:

  • Public profiles
  • Usernames
  • Login credentials
  • Dates of birth
  • Hashed passwords

Below states the list of compromised databases and how many accounts the hackers compromised:

  • 162 million accounts from Dubsmash
  • 151 million accounts from MyFitnessPal
  • 41 million accounts from ShareThis
  • 92 million from Heritage
  • 28 million accounts from HauteLook
  • 25 million from Animoto
  • 18 million from WhitePages
  • 16 million accounts from FotoLog
  • 11 million from Armor Games
  • 8 million from BookMate

Armor Games’ Statement

The company wrote recently to all its customers. They admitted the breach and how big it was. Moreover, they disclosed that the data of ALL customers were compromised.

The gaming brand said that the breach appears to be a part of a larger attack against 16 companies. Furthermore, Armor Games stated that they are one of the affected smaller companies. They claimed that apparently, they are holding two percent of the total accounts affected between the 16 companies.

Furthermore, the gaming brand also confirmed that the leak compromised public profiles. Thankfully, the financial details of the users were not leaked. That is only because the gaming brand doesn’t collect them. 

The company asked its users to change their passwords immediately. Furthermore, the company informed its users that the company makes changes on their side to harden the security. 

Furthermore, the gaming brand stated that they do their best to fix any weaknesses found in their audit. That included updating password protection and methods.

“Armor Games sincerely apologies for the inconvenience and concern this incident may cause, and remains committed to safeguarding the personal information in its care,” it added. Furthermore, the company claimed that none of the leaked data on the dark web was misused.

This is not the only incident of a huge data breach in 2019. In late July, Capital One announced that hackers compromised more than 100 million records. In October, Zynga announced that a hacker compromised the data of about 218 million customers.

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