List Of CISO Dos And Don'ts You Don't Want To Miss

Companies greatly benefit from an effective CISO. Well, we must tackle the CISO dos and don’ts, for both the company and the CISO’s account.

According to a commentary, the role of the CISO should not just be defined as a “leader”. But, also a reasonable fellow human and co-worker.

It’s hard for the CISO to juggle many balls while facing an increasingly complex threat landscape. Yet, we should not underestimate the abilities and importance of good CISO.

Meanwhile, there are no particular requirements to get a precise CISO. A CISO that can fill in every need with perfection.

However, we do have a list of some practical CISO dos and don’ts that every CISO must know.

Thanks to the Internet that we came up with these important key points. Hopefully, you’ll gain information and be more productive in your role.

The Do’s

Take Care Of Your Team

You need to have team building activities and industry-wide gatherings. This will help you gain camaraderie. Moreover, CISO should listen to the team and presents engagement.


It is the key to forming the shape of the future. Especially to the next-gen of information security professionals

Open-source Collaboration

This helps drive the next generation of products. Also, helps shape the industry


The closer the collaboration is with similar industry partners, the more reliable the information is.

Communication And Presentation Skills

CISO should make decisions based on data, not on emotions or personal reasons. Moreover, a CISO should always prepare the latest statistics and cost-related information.

Understands The Business And Finances

You can do this by looking at the latest statistics through your own or staff’s records.

Strategic Planning

After knowing the latest situation of the company, you have to provide a strategy. As a result, you’ll maintain the system’s productivity and security.

Moreover, you can create new countermeasures if threats arise. Most importantly, you can’t do all of these without the facts. So, collect data at all times.

The Willingness To Ask For Help

Know your lane, and ask for help if you’re outside it. Of course, it may be hard for some in higher positions to humble themself. But, asking for help is an important success factor.

It’s a basic principle to success and a team concept.

CISOs need to ensure that the company is strong enough. Also, be accountable if something wrong happens.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t act as if you can’t fail. However, it’s important to recover fast from failure
  • A CISO should find a way not to frustrate if the board of directors keeps saying “No”.
  • Don’t focus on incident response. Have a person report to you.
  • You only don’t need to know more than the basics of legal/compliance
  • You’re not a penetration-tester.
  • You don’t need to know more than the basics of program management

Also, the CISO and the security team need to understand that the organization is there to deliver products and services as fast as possible, and they must find a way to make their work easier while, at the same time, keeping the business safe.

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