Leading Digital Transformation Trends in 2020

What are the leading digital transformation trends in 2020? How did the rise of COVID-19 affected these digital transformation trends?

This global pandemic that is happening today affected every sector. As people need to stay at home, digital transformation is playing a crucial role.

Many are now doing remote work, online classes, shopping online, and whatnot. That’s why digital transformation is rising fast.

So, with these, what trends are we seeing in the digital transformation today?

Let’s see a list of these trends. Read on to know more.

5G Connectivity

People wanted a faster connection even a year before. But as COVID-19 forced people to work or study at home, this want has grown.

The need for a faster connection is critical, especially for at-home offices.

But, the good news is that 5G connectivity is on its way. More and more telecommunications companies are working on giving this need to customers.

So, it’s safe to say that COVID-19 did not slow 5G down. By anything, it even made it faster because customers need it now more than ever.

WiFi 6 is Coming

WiFi 6 a very nice upgrade everyone is looking forward to have. As it has a 3x faster download speed versus the WiFi 5 that we have today.

And on April 5, good news happened. The FCC voted to make this band of spectrum open to devices.

Also, WiFi 6 devices are rolling out this year even with the COVID-19 looming.


Analytics is now a crucial part of businesses today. Their survival for next year is dark if they won’t focus on this.

Analytics has been on a steady growth even before COVID-19. And after it, the need for data is now even bigger.

This is because businesses need to do contact tracing. And to make sure their employees are safe.

So, real-time data analytics is crucial to make important business and life-saving decisions.

AI and Machine Learning

Businesses need AI and machine learning to analyze data. It is useless to have data with no technology to analyze it.

So, businesses today use a lot of AI and machine learning technologies. Especially now after COVID-19 rose.

This is because data, especially today, needs to be:

  • captured
  • managed
  • enriched
  • visualized

And it needs to be speedy to gain real-time company insight.


COVID-19 hit supply chains all over the world. Thus, the Department of Homeland Security sees blockchain as crucial to fight COVID-19. And to repair the broken economy.

So, by right usage, it can fix damaged supply chains with quick transaction processing. And also verification.

Process Automation

Today, to keep more people safe, more companies are looking to offload tasks. This is to keep the company moving even if there are fewer people going into the office.

So, companies are investing more to process automation this year and in the coming years.

Leading Digital Transformation Trends

Thanks to the pandemic, we are seeing a rapid rise in digital transformation. And there are even other trends that we can’t cover all them.

But, even beyond this global problem, it’s good to see how we adapt to survive.

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