Latest Cybersecurity Attacks 2020

What are the latest cybersecurity attacks in 2020? Cyber attacks range from personal, businesses to federal accounts. The goal is to disrupt operations and gain admin access. This article will highlight these, along with the lessons learned.

9 Million Data – EasyJet 

A ‘highly sophisticated cyberattack’ affected EasyJet. This attack approximately damaged up to 9 million costs of data. 

Moreover, this data breach accessed more than 2000 customers’ information. Not to mention how this attack also leaked these customer’s debit and credit card details. Also, the CVV number is in access. 

CVV number is highly confidential. Because this is a digital security code. These numbers are located at the back of a credit card. 

It was on the month of January that the breach then took into awareness. But because of a highly sophisticated attack. It took time for them to fully understand the scope of the breach.

So the announcement of the breach happened on May 26. Moreover, the goal of the announcement is to notify the 9 million customers.

That is why the company is advising its customers to be wary of phishing attacks. And further advises them to directly connect with their official website. Because security tips are also given there. 

91 Million Users – Indonesia’s Tokopedia

It was reported that an attempt to hack and steal data happened for Tokopedia users. Moreover, Tokopedia is Indonesia’s largest e-commerce platform. Certainly, this is a great mining ground for cyber attackers.

However, it was happily reported that all of the customer’s personal information was secured. This is because of the website’s high standard encryption solutions. 

In addition, the company is in the process of identifying the attempted attack. They are continually investigating the matter.

Snake Ransomware – Europe’s Fresenius Hospital

Fresenius is Europe’s biggest private hospital. This hospital is also one of the major providers of health products and services. Most especially in the time of the COVID-19 health pandemic.

However, in May 2020, the Fresenius IT department admits that its system is struggling with a virus. In addition, it was found that the malicious attack is a Snake Ransomware.

According to security researchers, this type of ransomware is unique. Because it works by identifying the corporate’s IT processes. That is, relating to management tools and large management systems.

The pandemic further exposed vulnerabilities in these systems. Because of the company’s rising demand. It also results in exposing their patients’ records to risk. Moreover, the company employs almost 300,000 persons across the globe.

23 Million Users – Covve Data Breach

Covve is a famous address book app. However, being the home of millions of data. It also exposes these assets to risk. Moreover, it was reported that almost 23 million users’ data are involved in the breach.

In addition, the company first discovered the breach on May 15. Right thereafter, an investigation has been conducted. This tops the latest cybersecurity attacks.

The breach involves the users’ names, job titles, and email addresses. Not to mention their phone numbers, and even residence addresses.

So the company assured their users that they’re containing the attack. And they continually post updates about this matter too.

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