IT And Cyber Security: The Difference Of Two Securities

Is there a difference between IT and Cyber Security? We often use those terms alternately. We may assume that they are just forms of electronic security.

Still, IT and Cyber Security have similarities. But, there are big differences that help us identify which is which.

So, what are these? Let’s find out!

IT Security

IT security is also known as information security. This ensures the protection of an organization’s information. And this includes digital and physical data.

Moreover, it makes sure that processes are secured. So, IT security prevents:

  • misuse
  • unauthorized access
  • destruction
  • disruption of data

Additionally, IT security’s main goal is to follow the CIA triad: Confidential, Integrity, Availability.

Besides, different types of information require different protection, too. How so? 

For example, physical information is easier to protect. We can store them in locked cabinets.

But digital data needs bigger protection. Passwords should also be protected.

Also, the staff should use password protection. Thus, networks are secure.

Cyber Security

If IT security protects information, what does Cyber Security protect?

Cybersecurity protects digital data in cyberspace. Its main goal is to prevent unauthorized access.

Moreover, it guards against any form of cyberattacks. If not, it can damage the integrity of the data.

Also, it makes sure that unknown persons cannot access private information. So, it limits threats to a company’s data.

Why is this important?

Cyber threats don’t just harm valuable data. It can also affect the company’s operations. Plus, it can control networks.

In addition, security incidents like breaches can be expensive. Companies should hire security experts. And these teams are not cheap.

Besides, it can be time-consuming to correct. Companies’ operations will also halt. So, it will cause damage to their sales.

What’s worse? Hackers can get hold of private information. And it may involve trade secrets. So, it can greatly damage the company.

Differences Between IT and Cyber Security

Now, let’s talk about the main differences between the two.

IT security protects digital and physical data. But, cybersecurity protects digital data only.

Also, IT security ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. Yet, cybersecurity prevents unauthorized access to valuable data.

Plus, IT security fights more defined threats. While cybersecurity fights more broad threats.

Additionally, IT security protects beyond cyber. On the other hand, cybersecurity protects cyberspace only.

Furthermore, IT security focuses on information. But, cybersecurity aims to protect the intranet, channels, servers, and networks.

Relationship Between IT and Cyber Security

In the digital world, these two work together. They both secure a company’s data for attacks and threats.

Let’s say an employee accessed data that he should not. He may print customer records. Then, share it with the third-party.

The threat is that it can cause a data leak. So, it harms the company’s reputation.

Another example is an internet hacker. He may send a phishing email to an employee.

Then, let’s say the employee downloaded a suspicious file. So, the malware will spread across the systems.

Preventing the above threats and risks needs both IT and Cyber security. So, both work together to check and prevent any threats.

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