IoT Cybersecurity: Practical Solutions To Potential Threats

Nowadays, consumers can purchase all kinds of products with an internet connection. Though, it also comes with risks. Well, IoT cybersecurity helps you address those risks. How?

We will first discuss what is IoT cybersecurity. Then, we’ll follow it up with the threats and how to secure the IoT ecosystem.

What is IoT Cybersecurity?

IoT (the Internet of Things) is the concept of connecting objects and devices of all types over the internet.

Well, I can guarantee you that there are several things in your house that can be connected to the internet.

It’s amazing how more and more objects can have network connectivity. In the digital age, these systems help objectives communicate with similarly connected devices or machines.


Well, it’s no secret that Iot is expanding countless network capabilities on our lives. Thus, making it more efficient.

It helps us save time and money. Also, we can have the ability to access our digital life easier.

The same goes for businesses and government sectors. To them, IoT is an essential comrade. Why? Here are some samples:

It is essential that there are patient wearables that observe vitals and feed doctors relevant information

You can connect more and more devices to keep financial data close at all times of the day

  • Manufacturing and industrial sectors

Adoption of IoT in operational technology found in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) such as SCADA Systems.

On the other hand, it’s not always about cupcakes and rainbows.

Connecting to the internet also means connecting to potential cyber threats. 

To make things worst, the more devices in our lives connected to the internet, the more doors we are opening for potential threats.

Internet Of Threats?

Yes, there have been instances before that cyberattacks exist.

Back in 2016, the Mirai Botnet compromised the security on a number of IoT devices. Devices include IP cameras and routers.

As a result, these devices have been centrally-controlled botnets.

Botnets like these can cause disruption access to the Internet for millions of users worldwide.

As a response, companies are deploying IoT solutions and strengthening IoT cybersecurity. 

Yes, attackers are always active and will always seek opportunities to strike. How can you secure your IoT ecosystem?

Securing The IoT Ecosystem

This year, most risks are, particularly for industrial IoT systems. However, there are also threats elsewhere.

From national power generation and delivery infrastructures to global manufacturing operations, connected IoT sensors and devices can significantly enhance operational risks.

One approach to the problem is to secure the devices themselves.

For example, imagine an un-attended piece of equipment. Though it’s in operation, you might think that they are not subject to constant monitoring. But, they need security. How?

Well, you can apply tamper-evident and tamper-proof precautions to these devices. As a result, you’ll stop potential intruders from gaining control or touching critical data.

Moreover, organizations also need to ensure that their IoT networks are secure.

They can do this by using a strong authentication mechanism to ensure that only authorized users are able to get access to the IoT structure.

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