Internet Cyber Security- Free Online Courses 2020

Internet cyber security professions are one of the most in-demand skills today. That is because of the continuous rise of cybercrimes. There are online courses available today.

Moreover, you can choose between paid and free courses. But this article will focus on the free lessons you can find online.

Why not make this time of pandemic a chance to learn something new? Or perhaps, hone your skills? Let us see the available online courses for you. Again, these are for free. 

Free Online Courses


Cybrary stands for ‘Cybersecurity Library’. And it really stands for its name. Think of it as a free library of resources, which is all about cybersecurity insights. For example, it also includes IT and InfoSec study materials.

What’s more, is that the course is FREE. For instance, the following are the features of this site.

  • A FREE account can access nearly 500 courses.
  • Courses are made easy. Because these are classified according to their difficulty level. But, no matter what level you’re on, it’s still free.
  • Aside from filtering lessons by level, you can also filter by vendors. For example, you can choose between Cisco, Microsoft, or (ISC)2.
  • Moreover, courses mostly focus on IT specifics.
  • So if you want to specialize in a skill, then you can. That means you do not need to take the long ride. Because it’s clearly up to you. So you can tailor your own internet cyber security course.

However, since the course is free, they do not offer accreditation.

If you’re interested, you can sign up via this link:

US Department Of Homeland Security

This is a government-backed online course. Thus you can expect that this course is designed for government cybersecurity use. But you can still choose among several specialisms.

What’s good about this program is that you can do it from home. Although they do have actual training events. Because the DHS has a calendar, and they do offer such actual training. But why not seize the freedom you now have during the pandemic? You can make use of it to hone your skills. 

In addition, this course is inspired by US government security experts. So how privileged are you? If you’re thinking of checking out more details about this free course. You can check it via this link:

Open Security Training

This is another free online course that offers several subjects of cyber security. Moreover, this website has an easy-to-use feature. This serves as its lesson portal.

Moreover, you can choose between intermediate and more advanced classes. Not to mention its super easy lessons. Because these are specially designed for cybersecurity newbies.

On the other hand, since this is another free training. The site does not offer accreditation. Moreover, you can check more details on their website. You can check this out:

For Advanced 

If you have tested the waters, and believe the course is for you. Then you can go for paid classes. Because they can offer you accreditation, and more specialization.

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