Inspiring Digital Transformation Case Studies

Digital transformation does not happen in an instant. How did others do it successfully? Well, we have listed the following digital transformation case studies.

So, find out how organizations fill their gaps. Also, how they create greater value for their customers. And finally, how they improve revenues with the power of data and advanced analytics platforms.

The Digital Transformation Case Studies

One of the best ways to implement a digital transformation is to learn how others do it. So, we have shortlisted the following digital transformation case studies. Moreover, these studies may inspire you in your digital transformation journey.

Amazon Business

This is an example of a digital customer’s expectation transitioning to the B2B world. The features include the following:

  • Free 2-day shipping on orders of $49 or more
  • Exclusive price discounts
  • Hundreds of millions of products
  • Integration of purchasing systems
  • Tax-exempt purchasing for qualified customers, and


They have changed their way of selling vehicles. Then was in 2012 when they introduced an innovative showroom concept. The name is Audi City.

Also, it provides a unique brand experience. It also allows visitors to explore the entire catalog of Audi’s model range hands-on in stores.

Additionally, at Audi City London, there’s an increase in sales up to 60% from the traditional Audi showroom that occupied the site previously.

Moreover, Audi only stock 4 cars. Thus reducing the cost of having to hold a volume of stocks.


Ford was structured in early 2006. From that year on, they moved forward with clear goals. These are:

  • To simplify the company’s product line
  • Focus on quantitative data and quality vehicles
  • As well as unifying the company as a whole.

Besides, the company slashed the project by 30%. Their reason was not to minimize the expenses. But to use them for further expansion and innovation. And it gave them the agility and capital to invest in ground-breaking projects.

General Electric

General Electric’s Digital Wind Farm is an adaptable wind energy ecosystem. These pairs turbines with digital infrastructure for the wind energy industry.

Their previous solution called PowerUp technology is installed already in 4,000 units. As a result, turbine efficiency improved by 5%. And that means a 20% improvement in profitability for each turbine.

McCormick & Company

The company launched an online flavor recommendation tool called FlavorPrint. It visually represents the consumer’s tastes. The consumers start with a 20 question quiz about eating habits as well as food likes and dislikes.

Then, using algorithms, FlavorPrint takes the data and generates personalized suggestions about recipes.


They recognized a huge shift in consumer behavior. For example, McDonald’s installed kiosks where customers can instantly customize their hamburgers. They also used social media to give away products that are related to the commercials they’re airing.

Also, McDonald’s needs to respond immediately to consumers. As well as monitoring actively social media trends in real-time.

Under Armour

This company wants to become much more than an athletic apparel company. The proof was when they introduce “connected fitness.” This platform is used to track, analyze, and share personal health data right to customer’s phones.

Moreover, provides them a stream of information. And that information allows them to instantly identify fitness and current health trends.

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