ING Digital Transformation: All You Need To Know

So let us tackle the idea of the ING digital transformation group. Also, we will discuss those essential things we will learn in this company.

Idea Of ING Digital Transformation Group

 So let us learn what is ING group of company. Also, know what purpose and strategy they have to be a motivation for us.

So the ING is a global financial institution with a strong European base. Yet they offering banking services. 

But they draw client experience and expertise. Moreover, their commitment is to have excellent service.

Furthermore, their global scale is to meet the need of a large customer base and the following:

  • Comprising individuals
  • Families
  • Small business
  • Large corporations
  • Governments

So the ING says that their customer is the heart of what they do. Yet they have thousand of employees offer retail and wholesale banking services.

They have a customer in over 40 countries. Also, their strength that includes their well-knowns as the following:

  • A strong brand with positive recognition from customers in many countries
  • Strong financial position
  • Omnichannel distribution strategy
  • International network

Moreover, the ING company has a current leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index group.

ING Group Purpose And Strategy

So let us discuss also what ING group of company purpose and strategy they have. Therefore they believe that sustainable progress is driven by people with imagination.

Also to a determination to improve their future of those around them. Moreover, they empower people and companies to realize their vision for a better future.

Also, they empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and for business. Furthermore, we also show you the following purpose of the ING group.

Also, they define these four simple promises together for their customer. So their promises and part of their strategy from the following:

  • Anytime and anywhere. 
  • Clear and easy
  • Keep getting better
  • Empower

So let discuss this four simple promise they have. Let start at them anytime and anywhere.

So the ING is working to get service where their customer is. Also, banking should be possible anytime and anywhere.

Additional Discussion Of Three Simple Promises

The second is clear and easy, for them, banking doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. So it all about clear products and plain language to save both time and money.

Moreverove next is keeping getting better, ING has a life and business moving forward. So they keep looking for new ways to make things better.

Also with their new ideas and new solution. Moreover with a new approach to making things easier for their customers.

So that they call it they can all stay a step ahead. Last is the empower for ING.

So they have best financial decision are inform decision. Therefore customers want relevant and up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Moreover, they need to understand their choice and the implication for today and the future.

Have A Walkme Company Information

So let us have a quick idea about Walkme company. This company has a goal to make the digital system easy to use for everyone.

Also, they keep pace with the speed of innovation. Moreover, their vision is to match the capability of people with the capability of technology.