Information Security PDF: Top Facts About Cybersecurity in 2021

Information security pdf. Discover top cybersecurity facts that you should know in 2021.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity refers to the security measures and procedures set in place and employed to protect different devices from cyber attacks.

A cyberattack can infiltrate through different means. For example, it can get through your servers, laptops, computers, networks, mobile devices, and even electronic systems.

Why is it important to protect these?

Because a cyberattack aims to steal and gain illicit access to personal and sensitive data. For organizations, data can cost them millions of dollars and their reputation, to the very least.

So what more should you know about cybersecurity?

Information Security PDF: Cybersecurity Top Facts 

As technology advances, organizations rely more on the convenience and fast processes that it brings. However, with the pace of growth that technology experiences, the pace of cyberattacks also grows and infiltrates more and more systems.

So knowing facts about cybersecurity can further help you protect your systems. Thus, enabling safe digital adoption throughout the organization.

1. A hacker is born in every less than a minute

Do you know that every 39 seconds, a new hacker is born? This is according to a study conducted by the Clark School study of the University of Maryland. According to the report, a computer with internet access gets hacked every 39 seconds.

What can you do?

The best way to protect your systems and devices is to secure your passwords. Perhaps you can make use of password generators and vaults for easy and better password management.

2. Small businesses are also in target for cyberattacks

Even small businesses are in target for cyberattacks. According to a report, up to 43% of small businesses experience cyberattacks. Attacks like social engineering, email phishing, and web-based cyber attacks are being used, for instance.

3. Small businesses are cyberattacked of up to $3.9 million global cost

When a business is cyberattacked, it suffers more than financial loss. But most of all, it can cost a business its reputation. And this cost is alarming even with small businesses. Why? Because most often, SMBs do not place high-security standards or even cybersecurity practices. 

4. Cyberattacks love the retail, government, and technology industries too

More than any industry, the retail, government, and technology industries suffer the most in cyberattacks. Most likely because these industries handle much data. And it is not just any other data, but sensitive, public, and at times, intellectual data. These data features most often sell and attract malicious intents.

5. Human intelligence and comprehension is the best armor against phishing

Phishing- is one of the most widely used cyberattacks, which can be best avoided through comprehension and human intelligence.


Because these attacks are mostly dependent on the user’s behavior and understanding. So with proper understanding and knowledge, these attacks are most likely can be avoided. Not to mention that up to 80% of data breach incidents take place due to phishing intents.

Final Thoughts

Digital transformation has indeed brought significant advancements in any organization and business venture. However, reliance on technology while neglecting security is a serious matter of concern.