Information Security Companies: All-Time Security Providers

Information security companies are your go-to security providers. Especially in this time of the pandemic, more cyber threats are faced by companies.

This article will provide you the top all-time stars information security companies. 


The Sapphire cybersecurity services started in 1996. Being in business for over 20 years, makes them a pioneer in providing cybersecurity services.

Their services aim to provide optimum security for users, and their data. Not to mention the company’s assets and infrastructures.

  • Efficient cloud management by Cloud Access Security Broker. This service lets you deliver control and visibility on your cloud applications.
  • Data Leakage Protection. From the name suggests, this protects company’s data from being accessed. For instance, both in the cloud and in the remote setting.
  • Moreover, this service aims to lessen or mitigate the risks of data breach. In addition, this is done by optimum tracking, supervising, and controlling of data.

You can check their website here:

IBM Security

IBM security is 2 years older than Sapphire. Being in the business since 1994. IBM Security is providing quality security solutions since then.

Moreover, the IBM Security more focuses on enterprise-level security. For instance, they specialize in providing solutions with the following:

  • Advanced threat intelligence
  • Big data solutions
    • Threat hunting
    • Incident response
  • Advanced security services

IBM Security can therefore help your company be in compliance. Also, high-security standards add a strong layer of security for your company.


On the other hand, McAfee is the oldest among Sapphire and IBM. Because McAfee was founded in 1987. McAfee was located in Santa Clara, California.

McAfee specializes in the following security solutions:

  • Cloud safety
  • Endpoint security
  • Threat protection
  • Data protection


Moreover, CyberArk is a cybersecurity company established in 1999. 

The CyberArk solutions focus more on protecting access privileges. Since this is a wide gateway for all-access of the network.

In line with this, the CyberArk security solutions offers the following security products:

  • Application acces manager
  • Endpoint privilege manager
  • Password vault or Manager
  • Advanced threat intelligence services


When it comes to cybersecurity, Cisco is one of the known companies to look for. It is of no doubt since the company started the business since 1984.

Roots of expertise started in Santa Clara. Since then, Cisco provides optimum cybersecurity solutions around the world.

Cisco security service include:

  • Domain security
  • Email security against phishing attacks
  • Energy management
  • Internet of Things Security
  • Cloud threat intelligence
  • Threat incident response
  • Cloud security
  • Next-generation firewalls
  • Advanced malware protection

CA Technologies

The CA Technologies also pioneer the business of cybersecurity solutions. Moreover, CA Technologies started its service in 1976. 

In addition, CA Technologies have become a subsidiary of Broadcom Inc. in 2018. Broadcom is also a company from the US. Moreover, this company provides semiconductors and infrastructure software solutions.

The CA Technologies company provides antivirus solutions for the market.

  • Enhanced endpoint security
  • 24/7 customer support from their experts
  • Flawless adaptation of solutions
  • Analytics software which is designed for early threat detection

Certainly, there are lots to choose from. Moreover, integrating with these stabilized companies worths your trust.

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