Information Network Security Agency: What To Know About?

Information Network Security Agency: What To Know About? To implement peace and democracy and establish policies without threats to national security.


The vision of the INSA is to implement an internationally capable national cyber capability that is vital to the security of Ethiopia’s national interests.


(1) Construction of a National Cyber Force to defend the national interest.

(2) Further, provide strategic technical information in support of political policies and acts.

(3) Data creation and computational skills to allow national high-technology and safety sector to be transformed.


In order to implement peace and democracy and establish policies without threats to national security. INSA helps the country to use information, information network, and communications networks effectively.

Data Security

No matter what business you are in today, you are in the business of data security. This is no longer an issue which only affects head data officers or IT security divisions. It is an issue that concerns all human resources agencies, customer service officials, and more broadly anybody who contacts sensitive information.


Cybersecurity is a rising issue, considering the number of cyber-attacks against companies. The concern is then: How can organizations handle private information for individuals? The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or the California Consumer Privacy Act allows businesses to respond to new privacy laws policymakers have adopted that in recent years. How will multinational businesses, such as Microsoft, guarantee smooth data security for various countries developing different privacy rules?

Security techniques

Recently released ISO/IEC 27701, Encryption Methods–ISO/IEC 27001 Extension and ISO/IEC 27002 for the protection of privacy information – Specifications and Guidance, enable organizations to handle their personal data privacy risks. It will also allow businesses to comply with GDPR and other laws on data security. They draw the first global standard for privacy up under the common management of ISO and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Privacy Information Management System (PIMS)

The cybersecurity Community should collaborate with the privacy community to create data collection standards that incorporate protection and privacy concerns by laying of PIMS in addition to the framework.

PIMS takes the need to focus holistically on data security. GDPR needs a data security officer in businesses, just like many other privacy regulations across the globe. How to build efficient paperwork is one of the significant challenges for these people.

In other words, how do you work throughout an enterprise to illustrate the proper control of data processing? The PIMS framework helps you to develop more detailed privacy operations and also to develop publicly displayed documentation and behaviors.

The protection of data is pervasive in that all the regulators are strongly oriented. However, company-to-business ties–contracts are the cornerstone of business.

No known privacy enforcement

There is now no norm known as reflecting legitimate privacy enforcement. And so Europe is actually very discreet about the way legislation is viewed by businesses, including Microsoft. The norm is not a straightforward road to ethical enforcement. In short, it does not apply today. It concerns strong procedures, proper health, developing responsible and recorded habits. Moreover, can replicate and can develop over time. Due to constant development, one of the big aspects of a processing management system.