What Is An Example Of A Threat Actor In Information Security?

In information security, which of the following is an example of a threat actor?

Let’s find out!

Threat Actor

What is a threat actor? A threat actor is a security enemy in the information.

Moreover, this actor can be an individual or a group. It can also be an object.

But why is it considered a threat? Well, it causes damage to an organization. These damages can be one of the following:

  • reputational
  • financial
  • operational

Then, in information security, which of the following is an example of a threat actor?

In Information Security, Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Threat Actor?


Wherever we go, there are criminals. Same with the Internet.

Also, we call them cybercriminals because they perform crimes in the cyberworld.

What do these criminals do? They steal private information from private organizations to individuals.

Additionally, they steal money from their victims. They do this using ransomware.

Besides, they extort money from big businesses.

Cyber Terrorists

Cyber terrorism is a global problem. So, it ruins important operations.

Also, it inflicts harm to their victims. And these victims usually include:

  • state agencies
  • businesses
  • corporations
  • energy and transportation services


Hacktivists use hacks as a form of activism. As a result, it causes shame to an organization.

They also expose information from these organizations. Thus, it reveals even the darkest secrets.

Why do they perform these crimes? Usually, they want to gain visibility. Or they want to expose the truth.

In addition, their victims are not only organizations. Some hacktivists also target companies or churches.

State-sponsored Threat Actors

Attackers are not just plain individuals or teams. Sometimes, the government themselves sponsors these threat actors.

‘But why?’ you may ask. They use these actors to steal intellectual properties from other governments or states.

They may also spy on other countries, especially during a war.


Threat actors do not always come from third-party. In some cases, they are just inside an organization.

So, these actors can be very harmful. Why?

Their goal is to act like normal employees in an organization or company. Then, when the time comes, they breach the security.

Moreover, these fake employees already know about your company. Thus, they may have accessed your private information for a long time.

They also know your company’s security defenses. So, they may have studied how to break those.

Script Kiddies

These threat actors use tools from other actors. So, we can say that they are not skilled enough to make their own tools. And that is why we call them Kiddies.

Additionally, they enter a network or system to attack it. But, they look for easy targets.

Threat Actor Reasons

Why do these threat actors do these kinds of crimes? Here’s why.

  1. Money. This is the primary reason why threat actors hack. Also, they don’t mind about the damage.
  2. Fame. At times, they simply want to be famous in their field. Especially if their victim is someone big.
  3. Revenge. Another common reason is getting back. Also, this is the usual cause of insiders.
  4. Political. Hacktivists and state-sponsored actors hack for political reasons. So, they can access the private information of other states.

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