How To Strengthen The Government Cyber Security?

Each year, more and more services are going digital, especially for online government processes. This means that government cyber security needs to strengthen against cybercriminals. How?

In many countries, citizens and businesses are using online government services. Either to fill out tax returns and apply for housing or other welfare benefits. The more reason for us to strengthen government cyber security.

This is a serious and growing threat as cybercriminals will find every bit of opportunity to commit cyber attacks.

Well, the good thing is that we will help you tighten up your government cyber security by these few steps.

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Treat Cybersecurity As A Critical Issue

Digital security isn’t just something you can leave to the IT specialists. It affects everyone working in government.

For private sectors, leaders prioritize education and awareness of cybersecurity. Also, they present the risks in real-life terms.

As a result, the teachings help everyone to understand what’s at stake and how can it affect their jobs.

Well, Governments need to adopt a similar mindset.

Furthermore, they have to make cybersecurity a part of their “way of things”.

Embed More Security Into Your Supply Chain

Today, governments are reliant upon a complex web of service providers and contractors.

As a result, the chances of leaks are much higher.

To counter, you need to tighten up the acquisition process. This means that contracts should embed cybersecurity.

Normally, suppliers should all be certified to an industry standard.

You need to regularly monitor suppliers. Thus, you can avoid weak links in the chain.

More importantly, make sure contracts drive the right behaviors when responding to a cybersecurity incident.

They must possess openness, transparency, and willingness to work together.

Encourage Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions

If governments want to realize the savings and efficiencies from going digital, they need to constantly keep one step ahead of criminals.

Cybercriminals are smart. If one route is blocked, they will find another way.

Well, governments need to be smarter. And they need to be one step ahead of cyber threats.

Moreover, they need to come up with innovative and cost-effective defenses. As a result, it can frustrate criminals and block cybercrime.

Well, there are new technologies that can assist you. For example, biometrics, analytics, and virtualization. But, education and awareness are key also.

Collaborate With The Private Sector

There are a lot of successful industries when it comes to cybersecurity. You could learn some from them.

The government should consider harnessing some of these successes.

Moreover, collaboration can bring in fresh external thinking. On the other hand, it can also provide challenges and peer comparisons.

Besides, the kind of information floating around the criminal fraternity often comes from other organizations. So, it’s best for everyone to work together.

Plan Your Talent Needs Thoroughly

Cybercrime is a growing phenomenon, and people with the skills to combat this threat are in high demand.

Unfortunately, governments can’t compete with private-sector salaries. So, it’s hard to keep the best talent around.

What can workforce planning do?

Well, they should assume that specialists may only stay for a few years. Because of this, they can foresee new production lines and young talent that can succeed them.

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