How Do You Measure The Success Of Digital Transformation?

Success Of Digital Transformation

Measuring the Success Of Digital Transformation is as crucial as implementing the process itself. Without knowing how your process is doing, it is just like setting your company to failure.

How Do You Measure The Success Of Digital Transformation In The Next Normal?

Whether like it or not, digitalization disrupts every company. Moreover, it explodes through every market like wildfire.

 It happens even in banking, insurance, financial management, retail, or manufacturing. Frequently, there is no instant technology transition that happens right away.

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 It’s an ongoing process. That’s why looking so far ahead towards the outcome is difficult.

Besides, technology advances so fast that it inevitably affects the plans. How do you calculate the digital transformation outcome to increase their performance rate and allow the prompt correction?

Moreover, it is essential to know the exact importance of digital interactive itself and consumer behavior. You would be shocked to see how many staff or managers lead the client.

It involves the buying of products on your website. You may get to ask to your customer base.

One approach is to split the long-term strategy of unique KPIs into short, workable initiatives. The length does not extend for six months.

Remember that you should calculate income, expense, and quality metrics.

Companies also tend to look through those parameters for quarterly sales and margin while they continue to rely on short-term strategies. To have the proper monitoring and measurement of development, new metrics must be added.

New Metrics To Measure Digital Transformation Success

Digital Proficiency Metrics

  • The percentage of digital marketing expenditure
  • How Consumer Value Your Brand or Image
  • Business access to the market and competition
  • Workers’ technical competence limit, for junior and senior executives
  • Internet platforms proportion of sales
  • Contributions towards the buying, investing, Etc, Etc, Advertising & Marketing technology programs of individual agencies.

Customer Focus Metrics

  • Net Score Promoter
  •  The new consumer buying rate
  • Number of customer contact points targeted at enhancing consumer service
  • Improved customer loyalty rate in digital networks
  •  The prompt of decline in the demand for consumer new goods
  • Improvement in client actions on various systems over time

Return On Innovation Metrics

  •  The proportion of profits generated by new products/services
  • Contribution rate introduced by innovative innovations
  • Number of innovative concepts for application hits definition
  •  Number in the industry of new goods or services
  • Range of new business models targeting diverse consumer groups
  • The number of new applications and APIs that deliver indoor and outdoor new products/services


Keep these calculations still simple and take the right steps. Besides, it would help if you celebrated the little milestones. As a result, workers will get inspired.

There is plenty of uncertainty that may lead to the opposition because the digital transformation is a significant cultural change. This reluctance can be dealt with straightforwardly.

It should be clear which improvements are required and what advantages each department and each employee can get.

The biggest impediment facing organizations when contemplating the importance of digital change is a lack of urgency. It is necessary to prepare properly. Other than that, though, the execution according to the KPIs you chose is what you do.

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Know the factors affecting employee performance

Find out now

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