Hazel Mac: How To Use Hazel To Save Time And Auto Mac?

Hazel Mac can boost your automation right away, saving time and more production. Check out this post to find out more.

Hazel Mac: How To Use Hazel To Save Time And Auto Mac?

If we do an internal Asian Productivity team survey or ask our dojo group to generate their preferred Mac applications, Hazel is still at the top of the list.

It’s one of our most critical apps to free up time, remove problematic manual tasks, and enhance the macOS experience. It was still in the top 10 of our list of Important Mac Applications last year.

What Is Hazel?

The obvious question, now hyped, is What the bump is Hazel?” Noodlesoft, Hazel’s developers, explains it as The Mac Automated Organization,” and that’s an outstanding motto.

What they must say about it: What they must say about it:

Hazel automatically organizes your files according to your generated rules, whatever directories you tell it to. Have Hazel moving files based on name, date, form, where, and more. Sort your movies automatically or file your accounts. Maintain and position your files off the Desktop.

In essence, you instruct Hazel how to handle a folder (or several folders), set some rules by which Hazel wants it to watch, and take some action if anything happens on this folder, which meets one of your limitations.

You only have to grasp simple logic if you choose to use the software correctly.


For example, as Hazel calls them, you can set rules as follows:

If the file has not access in two weeks, it is now transferred into the bash folder if the downloads folder is larger than 1GB.

Moreover, if an “invoice” file name use, color it Verde and copy it in the folder Finance.

If the desktop file was not started in the last 24 hours, pass it to a folder named “Desktop To Check.”

  • Rename it and transfer it to a certain folder if the screenshot file store on your Desktop.
  • Import your photo archive seamlessly of copied images and videos.
  • Import the Calendar to a downloaded.ICS file.

If a PDF that is your American Express bill has downloaded, rename it and file it in the right place. Thus, check your Task Manager for a task then to remind you to pay.

In too many respects, you have defined laws. It could be quick or you might do a lot of stuff and behaviors. Property can be as complicated as you like.

You can also run Hazel shell or Applescripts, so it’s almost unlimited what you can do with your files. Don’t panic if you don’t know what this means.

Moreover, it is because Hazel does not need programming. It can learn by everyone.

What About Hazel For Windows?

Hazel is a Mac program, and the Windows version is not available. Alternatives exist if you use Windows. File Juggler is a common instrument that can do many of Hazel’s things. In Windows with File Juggler, you should be able to do all of the activities mentioned here.


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