Harvard Digital Transformation Tips: More Than Digital Transformation Technology

Tips from Harvard Digital Transformation have what it takes to boost your digital transformation level to the next level. Check out this post to find out more. 

The possibility of digital transformation (DT) in 2019 their #1 concern recently identified in a survey of directors, CEOs, and senior managers. However, 70% of DT programs do not meet their targets. Of the 1.3 trillion dollars spent on DT last year, 900 billion dollars do project to be lost. Why excel those DT attempts and miss others?

That is essential that most emerging innovations deliver productivity benefits and consumer intimacy possibilities. But if people do not have an appropriate way of thought and corporate processes are insufficient, DT would only expand those defects.

Figure Out Your Business Strategy

Leaders that strive to boost organizational efficiency that emerging technology also have a particular instrument. The company can need an automated learning plan.

However, a more comprehensive industry plan should direct digital transformation. At Li & Fung, where one of us works, executives have drafted a three-year consumer strategy.

It is the smartphone application that has become almost as critical as brick and death shops. In three areas: pace, creativity, and digitalization, they want to concentrate their energy.

Li & Fung concerne with reducing production lead times. These including speeding up the demand, and improving data usage across their global supply chain.

 The organization then determined which digital resources it would take after identifying concrete targets.

Li & Fung has introduced interactive design technologies to take Speed-to-Market as an example. It allowed them to minimize design to sample time by 50%.

Li & Fung helped providers install monitoring systems for real-time data monitoring to boost output performance. It is also a data portal that combines consumer and supplier knowledge. 

The Department of Finance followed the same strategy and eventually lowered the closing time by over 30 percent. And improved operational capital efficiency by $200 million.

Design Customer Experience 

If DT aims to enhance consumer loyalty and privacy, some initiatives must follow a diagnostic process. Moreover, they did it with in-depth customer feedback. 

More than ninety person interviews with consumers did hold in the Planning and Development Department of Santa Clara County.

Besides, each customer asked to identify the strengths and shortcomings of the Department. The Department also hosted focus sessions, in which multiple people asked.

These include agents, entrepreneurs, farmers, and key local organizations such as Stanford University. It must define their interests, prioritize, and assess the success of the agency.

Input for their transformation then integrates in the Department. to address consumer demands for greater clarity about authorization

Recognize employees’ fear of replacement

As workers see that digital transformation can endanger their work, they can oppose changes actively or unconsciously. If the digital revolution remains unsuccessful, management may finally give up efforts to save its jobs (or thinks).

Leaders must understand these fears and stress that the digital process is a means to improve workers’ know-how. Moreover, it is to meet the future marketplace.

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