Google Data Breach: Efforts for Better Security

Google data breach. The search engine giant is making efforts to help people avoid a data breach. And make them more aware of this matter.

Google is now at the top of the digital world. They have many services that a lot of people use every single day.

People use their search engine, Gmail, Drive, and whatnot. And these proved to be very helpful in today’s modern world. They are also making a lot of effort to help us better our daily lives.

So, this year, they rolled out a very helpful security feature that would save us from data breaches.

Why is this vital? Because as per the Verizon Data Breach Report this year, data breaches are rising. With it rising a whopping 96% from last year.

Then, about 80% of all breaches were because of stolen credentials. And the major factor of this is people reusing passwords for all their logins.

So, in this article, we will see Google’s efforts to aid users in this area. And lessen the data breaches caused by stolen credentials.

Google Data Breach: Efforts for Better Security 

Over the years, Google has been making efforts to nudge users away from using passwords.

So this year, Google rolled out its Password Checkup feature. And it is set to join their Security Checkup dashboard built into each Google account.

Why? Because they are concerned with how people treat passwords. And how easy it is for attackers to take advantage of weaknesses.

As per a survey, around 52% of people reuse their passwords for many accounts. And around 13% use the same password for all their accounts.

So, if these reused passwords get leaked because of a data breach, it can cause large damage.

Thus, Google is aiming to help people build good password habits. And one of their ways, as said, is by rolling out the Password Checkup feature.

Password Checkup

Google is not only helping people with their password habits. They are now also proactive in making better passwords with Password Checkup.

This was first rolled out as a Chrome extension last year. Then this year, Google made it to be a part of all Google accounts.

With this tool, it lets you know if the password you’re making is one of the 4 billion leaked credentials.

This is not a new idea. But it is very helpful because Google has access to billions of passwords.

To do this, Google made a hashed and encrypted version of all known breached passwords and usernames.

Then, when you make an account for a site, they also make a hashed and encrypted version of these credentials. This is so that Google can’t see and read your passwords. 

After, they will send this encrypted version to their database of breach accounts. And the tool will then let you know if you matched with one so you can change your password.

Further plans of Google in the future is for people to use the tool even if they aren’t logged into a Google account. Sounds nice, right?

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