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Industries worldwide need IT professionals to supervise their information systems. That’s where a VP information comes in. 

The world of cybersecurity provides many job opportunities with exciting pay. Since businesses do their best to protect their data, the job demand for cybersecurity professionals grows rapidly. 

The VP of information technology role gives a huge stepping stone for aspiring CIOs. Moreover, this role focuses on guiding the IT department to the right technology. They do that also by considering the right time and price.

The requirements for the VP information technology vary among companies. But, we have provided some of the basic requirements in this role.

Education and Experience Requirements

Employers generally require a Master’s degree in computer science or computer technology. Many companies also consider candidates with MBA since they will be needing the MBA holder’s knowledge. That is because the VP information technology must know not only the technology but also the business.

IT professionals may improve their chances of landing the job by pursuing an MBA with a specialization in IT management. This brings the best of both worlds to the table.

Furthermore, most companies require years of experience in the IT field. The required length of experience depends on the company. However, 20 years of IT experience is not an unusual requirement for the position. This experience must include:

  • Computer operations
  • System design
  • Computer programming

These are essential so the VP is well-articulated in all aspects of IT.

Job Duties of VP Information Technology

The vice president of IT designs and implements:

  • organizational information systems
  • software applications
  • IT support and infrastructure systems

Moreover, the VP ensures the stability and consistency of computer systems. Since this is a leadership role, a VP must be able to have the employees follow the technology path of the company. Furthermore, the tasks also include administering effective delivery of all projects. He/she takes into account the budget and time in all projects.

The vice president of IT also leads in technology planning. Furthermore, they implement and develop the best organizational practices. Risk management and resource allocation are also parts of a VP’s duty. Furthermore, they do project prioritization and research and recommendation of new systems and products.

Job Environment

The VP information technology works at a standard of 40 hours per week. But, project deadlines require additional hours. Furthermore, travel to conferences or satellite facilities may be required. Most VPs work in a comfortable office near the IT department.

Potential Salary for VP Information Technology 

Vice presidents of IT earn more than $150,000 annually (by average). Such rates usually increase yearly. Additional experience results in more responsibilities. As a result, it promises more pay. As we have mentioned earlier, the VP position is a great stepping stone for the CIO role. A CIO earns around $200,365 yearly.

The data shows that the top salaries generally go to IT directors with solid experience and the advanced education employers need to remain competitive in a shifting global business environment.

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