Fujitsu Digital Transformation: Accelerates Transformation

Fujitsu Digital Transformation. Fujitsu is a Japanese IT company based in Tokyo, Japan. And it’s one of the oldest IT companies in the world. So what are the plans of Fujitsu to drive digital transformation?

Fujitsu Kicks-Off Initiatives For Digital Transformation

Fujitsu has launched its company-wide digital transformation project. They call it “Fujitra” (Fujitsu Transformation).

This project is aiming at a complete reevaluation and transition in business processes, organizations, and corporate culture. And this tops its products, services, and business models.

Also, this new endeavor will hasten the transformation within the Fujitsu Group across different units and regions.

Fujitsu will apply design thinking as well as agile methodology and other frameworks. This will address these continuous problems while listening to the voices of customers and employees.

Additionally, Fujitsu is planning to introduce a common digital service throughout the company. It will then collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data, basing on customer and employee feedback. The data will then be used to manage company actions.

Fujitsu will also invest over 100 billion yen in this initiative. To promote its transformation. It will also leverage the results and know-how gained through this project in its solutions and services. Thus, this will contribute to the resolution of social concerns by using digital technology.

The Private 5G Services For Accelerating Customer’s Digital Transformation

Fujitsu also announced that it will launch services that will realize the use of private wireless systems. This will include private 5G and private LTE, to accelerate digital transformation. Especially for its customers.
These are the highlights:

  • They will be offering a comprehensive service to support the customers’ use of private 5G. Or private wireless systems in Japan. This will in turn optimize digital transformation initiatives. They will achieve this by combining its industry expertise and network technology. As well as collaboration with the many partners.
  • Private Wireless Managed Services
  • Private Wireless Cloud Services, and
  • The Private 5G Partnership Program

Private Wireless Managed Services

The deployment of private 5G needs advanced deployment and expertise. Aside from wireless technology. This also needs operational expertise including IoT technology.

So, with this service, Fujitsu’s wireless technology specialists can provide an overall one-stop service.

Private Wireless Cloud Services

It requires high technical knowledge and expertise in implementation and operation. When deploying a private wireless system.

And it is very important. Not only because it relates to wireless technology. But, also it relates to areas including IoT technology. Which are used for capturing and processing data from various devices on-site.

This service also provides base stations and core networks. As well as 2 sims as communication functions. Moreover, Fujitsu will provide service management functions. The company will also provide a primary response in case a failure occurs.

It will be every month to realize a small start with low initial installation fees.

Private 5G Partnership Program

Fujitsu has been promoting the use of private 5G since March 2020. And it also utilizes high-definition video.

So by launching the Private 5G Partnership Program, Fujitsu will be able to create. And offer customers a wide variety of use cases. Same with solutions developed utilizing private 5G.

And this is in cooperation with partner companies that have advanced technologies. In a wide range of industries.

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