Financial And Digital Transformation: Revealing The Link

Financial And Digital Transformation: Revealing The Link as digitally advanced businesses have several advantages, including but not limited to their digital transitions.

Benefits of digital competence

Digitally advanced businesses have several advantages, including but not limited to their digital transitions. Many of these advantages, such as increased consistency of products and customer loyalty, help improve financial results. Others see it as part of the greater social responsibility of businesses such as reducing environmental effects and growing workers’ diversity. Organizations can do much more than apply emerging technology to reap advantages such as these. The co-ordinated incorporation of technology-related assets and skills into an entire company needs a successful digital transformation.

What does digitally mature mean?

We found a company to be technologically advanced. It results from its digital transformation efforts, to have a positive market impact. Participants were digital centers. They answered to which the implementation of the pivot within their company had a positive effect on their business. The grade of their digital activities yielded as a higher, medium, or lower maturity: In the top 25 percent of the impact delivery organizations were as “more advanced” organizations. Medium 54 percent of companies categorized as “medium maturity.”Bottom 21 percent of entities labeled as “lower maturity.”

Continue Financial And Digital Transformation

The concept of digital maturity bases on the amount of positive market effect from digital change, not positive financial consequences. The higher financial results arising from greater digital sophistication. Hence, is a consequence of the company influence on the concept.

Digital maturity improves with the condition on:


Many digital pivots will pave the way for more performance. For example, for the insurance giant Guardian Life. Flexible architecture helped to cut costs. Further, encourages more flexible activities and speeds up start-up commitments. Moving to the cloud transitioned to a more agile approach. Instead of maintaining data centers, the IT organization of the company invests more time and money on new advanced testing and learning. Furthermore, it was possible to pilot and incorporate new tools. Hence, solutions for startups by transitioning to the cloud. This resulted from the run on a modern cloud platform.

Rise in income

This will help businesses progress in digital transformation. Through enhancements or the launch of new goods and services to consumers. An example of the link between digital maturity and sales growth is the fast-paced Chipotle restaurant chain. Moreover, following the company upgraded its mobile application to allow consumers to order quickly. In the next two years, digital revenues rose over 100% year-on-year.

Value of product/service

Any of the digital moves will help firms develop new perspectives. To increase the performance of goods and the quality of service. In order to maximize fuel efficiency, for example, Rolls-Royce analyzes sensor data from jet engines. Furthermore, the business promises to reduce fuel prices of its airline passengers, based on this capacity. Instead of freely selling jet engines, he evolved his business model to offer subscriptions to lease them. Finally, the model is clearly customer-friendly.

Consumers satisfaction

Digital transformation increases customer loyalty. Thus, optimizing customer engagement by delivering quality goods and services. A global clothing brand improved customer relations. Further, expanded from digital transition to direct distribution for customers. It integrated its smartphone applications to its customers successfully. Internet retail experience changed. This results in a seamless experience for consumers. The number of daily smartphone device users rose. In recent years, this has helped considerably to boost digital revenues.

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