Evite Data Breach: Over 100 Million Accounts Affected

The social planning website admitted to the Evite data breach. Worse, it affected more than 100 million accounts.

What happened? Also, how can you protect your information?


Evite is one of the biggest websites. But, it failed to protect the information of its users.

The hacker named Gnosticplayers claims to put up ten million accounts for sale. It also includes private information, such as:

  • full names
  • email addresses
  • IP addresses
  • passwords
  • birthdates
  • mailing addresses

However, Evite said that no Social Security numbers were involved. They also stated that they do not collect this information from their users.

Also, Evite does not store financial or payment data. They said that third-party vendors store these data on their internal systems.

Evite Data Breach

On April 15, 2019, a cybersecurity firm contacted Evite about the incident. Then, Evite confirmed it over the weekend.

Also, they published more details about the breach. The breach started on February 22.

Moreover, they finished the investigation after three months. In May 2019, they found an unauthorized party that accessed their files.

Evite’s action

First, Evite notified its users about it. They also posted a FAQ page on their website.

Granted, Evite reached out to external forensic experts. They also coordinated with the law officers.

Additionally, they contacted security experts. So, they can address weaknesses in their systems.

They also monitor their networks for access from their-party. Evite also added new security methods.

But, Evite said that perfect security is impossible. Still, they work with other security firms. So, they can remediate the breach.

Protect your data

Are you one of the Evite users? If so, how can you protect your data?

Evite suggested the following:

  1. Change your passwords if you reused it.
  2. Review your account. See if there are suspicious activities.
  3. Be careful of fake emails from Evite hackers.
  4. Never give your personal data to others.
  5. Avoid clicking on links from malicious websites.
  6. Be cautious in downloading files from suspicious emails.

How can you change your passwords in Evite? There are two methods.

  1. Login to your account. Then, go to Account Settings. You can change your password from there.
  2. If you forgot your password, click Reset Password. Then, follow the steps to change your passwords.

You can also check the Account Inquiries on Evite Help Page.

Here are some ways to protect.

  1. Change your passwords. Make sure that your passwords are strong and unique. It uses upper and lowercase letters. Also, it has special characters and numbers. Experts also said that it should not contain your address, birthday, or family names.
  2. Never reuse passwords. It is easier said than done. But, we should not use exposed passwords at all. Cybercriminals can still find your passwords on the dark web. So, they can use it to log in to your other accounts. Thus, the best way to protect is to never reuse it.
  3. Use a password manager. Remembering a password for each site can be hard. So, using a password manager can help. It will automatically store your passwords. Thus, you can secure your logins every time.

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