Empow Cyber Security: i-SIEM, i-XDR Cybersecurity Products

Think your organization’s security could – and should – be more efficient? Well, Empow cyber security i-SIEM and i-XDR may be just what you’re looking for. Let’s talk about what Empow first. 

Then, we will discuss an overview of their products.

The Space of Empow

Empow is a cybersecurity startup that develops a system that detects cyberattacks. At the same time, it automatically orchestrates adaptive investigation and countermeasures independently.

Also, it uses AI technology, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and cause-and-effect analytics in its innovation. These tools help understand the fundamental nature or intent of threats. Moreover, it pinpoints the attacks hidden in the “noise”. Thus, finding the right security tools for the response.


As part of empow’s security information and event management solution, i-SIEM puts false positives on mute.

ii-SIEM identifies high-risk entities and attacks, even before they happen, Thus, analysts can put their attention to defending against cyber attacks.

It works for:

How It Works

Data Sources

First, it collects all types of IT data including security logs, and security intelligence feeds. Also, OS logs, servers and application logs, and network flow data.

Deciphering Attacker Intent

Second, it classifies the attacker anomaly behaviors. So all processes are base on the types of malicious content classifications. Then, it marks the logs and events with intent metadatabase on the types. All with the help of the elastic DB. Yet, it is done with no human involvement.

Cause-and-Effect Intelligence

Third, it identifies cause-and-effect relationships base on the deciphered intents. After that, it will prioritize the real attack stories and compromised entities in the organization.

It will then pinpoint the real persistent attack patterns. Thus, it can counteract what is required.

Response Orchestration

Through Contextual Orchestration Engine, it identifies what available products and network tools. Thus, to execute in the response actions. As a result, t translates faster incident response, while simplifying security operations.


Empow’s intent-XDR platform presents a lot of benefits for you.

  • Improves your detection and response capabilities. Hence, point solutions miss some attacks.
  • Greater visibility into different security products and their performance
  • You can reduce costs and improve speed and performance
  • Stops the noise of false positives in your network

AI-Based Analytical Modules:

Security logs analytics

The NLP-based security logs analytics processes all your security logs. Also, it enriches them with empow’s threat of intelligence information. And, uses our proprietary NLP engines. Then, it classifies these logs into groups of potential attack behaviors.

User Behavioral Analytics

Empow’s user behavioral analytics module processes user behavioral logs. Thus, establishes normal behavioral profile patterns. It flags deviations that reflect potential attack behaviors.

Network Traffic Analytics

Empow’s DPI network sensors feed the network traffic analytics module. Then, it will learn the normal traffic patterns. Hosts within the organization generate those patterns.

Cause & Effect module

This module incorporates proprietary algorithms. It processes the outputs of all analytics. Also, it automatically identifies root-cause cases. Then, attack the next steps to cluster them into only a few real attack stories.

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