Effective CIO tips For Driving Digital Transformation

Most organizations today undergo some kind of transformation. But transformations can be risky. So what CIO tips can help for a successful transformation? Read this post to find out more about CIO tips.

Key Things Leaders Need To Do

The following are the key things that relate directly to building an effective transformation coalition.

As Leaders, Create A Sense Of Urgency

A sense of urgency is very important. Because it makes a difference between success and failure. However, urgency can be difficult. Sometimes, the organization confuses short-term firefighting with urgency.

Aside from that, organizations are structured to prioritize short-term objectives. And at the expense of long-term competitiveness and resilience. Moreover, things you find urgent may not be that urgent as for other’s perspectives.

Build A Guiding Coalitions For Transformation

Leaders must build a guiding coalition for transformation to be effective. Having one strong executive leadership is not enough. But, successful transformations have 15 or 50 individuals with strong influence and expertise.

Additionally, transformation leaders can’t simply make a proclamation. They can delegate work to others. But they can’t abdicate their responsibilities. Also, the most effective transformations are the ones with leaders that have attended classes. They even hosted town halls and went through their transformation before inviting others.

There are also risks that some may agree with. But, the fact is they’re still not convinced of the change. What’s worse is that silent resistance can erode and undermine leadership efforts. Thus don’t waste time on resistors. But move forward with the most powerful group that you can. And hope that they will join after seeing things is working well.

Cast A Compelling Vision

Having no compelling vision would likely mess up your transformation. So, create a compelling vision for transformation.

Also, note that your vision statement should connect to all stakeholders. As well as provide a guide of what the organization is becoming.

Additionally, vision statements should not be detailed, step-by-step project plans for transformation. Senior leaders want to use a waterfall plan to organize their agile transformation. So, the approach for an agile transformation may look like a series of experiments. As well as opportunities to learn.

As Leaders, Recruit A Volunteer Army

Tell people that they need to join. But, you can ask for true volunteers as an alternative approach. It’s a key feature of Large Scale Scrum (LeSS). The emphasis is on using small groups of volunteers. Rather than wholesale of people who may feel that they have no voice over the matter.

Making a personal choice to join is the key. Not because they are told to do so. So, invite people to volunteer and participate. Start with a small group. And don’t try to engage everyone in the beginning.

What Will You Do To Succeed?

Many leaders and change experts have already led to agile transformation. So they provide the following advice.

The Do’s

  • You need to have a clear outcome measure.
  • Be constant on the purpose and focus on that.
  • Enable others by supporting them and show servant leadership.

The Don’ts

  • Do not outsource transformation to consultants.
  • Don’t stop at the vision statement.
  • And finally, don’t install transformation just like software.

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