Digital Transformation Vodafone: Smarter Business Formula

A good example is the ‘digital transformation Vodafone’. Digital Transformation is something every company is now looking forward to. Most especially telco companies. How are they doing with their own pace of digital transformation?

Defining Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the ‘transformation’ or adoption of digital technology. Into business processes, services, and products.

This is done by replacing manual processes with digital processes. Also, by replacing old digital technology with modern technology.

Because of this, many complex processes are now being simplified. Also, digital transformation helps the business gain more stability. Because as much as they go more digital. The more customers opt for their services.

Thus, digital transformation is gaining more success rate. However, it also needs the right formula of employment. 

Digital Transformation Vodafone

Key Metrics – Q1 2018 Report

  • Penetration Rate- from 65% (March 2018) to 90% (March 2021)
  • Chatbot Interactions- from 1% on 2018, to 60% by 2021
  • Tobi Chatbot- more than 800,000 interactions per month in the Italian customer base. Moreover, it resolves more than 70% of queries. But this is expected to rise as the chatbot technology improves.

The Need To Transform

Digital transformation is today’s hottest trend in businesses. Because going digital serves the millennial’s need of getting quick and easy. Moreover, the business is continually arising in their needs. So they need to keep up the pace. 

Businesses in different fields thus need to invest in digital transformation. Because sticking with the old traditional ways buries potential sales.

Smarter Business

Going digital is not enough. But one should understand how and why they’re going digital. Keeping up with these reasons help one invest with a ‘smarter business’.

Vodafone then spoke with more than one thousand IT and business project managers around the world. To find out that only 15% of them are getting much profitability. 

So, merely getting ‘digitalized’ is not enough. One should clearly understand the reason why they are going digital. Moreover, they should also clearly define the ‘whats’ of the process.

This is what you call ‘smarter business’.

Going digital is smart. But not smart enough. Because the careful definition of decisions is way smarter. 

Take note of these common traits, that this small group of 15% possess.
  • Confident Culture– is about being truly focused on  ‘innovation’
  • Technology Advantage– holistic cloud implementation
  • IT People with the best of skills– the better workforce you will have

With the traits in mind, digital transformation does not simply happen. But it comprises the best team of people. Also, it aims with the pursuit of the best innovation possible.

Another factor of better digital transformation is integrating with the cloud. Because there are more tools available today for simplifying processes.

Better Customer Experience

Furthermore, a ‘smarter business’ aims to satisfy customer experience. And there is one thing everyone today share in common. That is, being fast.

Isn’t it true? The faster, the better.

That’s typically just the latest notion. So the better you feed your customers satisfaction. The better they stick with your services.

As a result, more profitability is observed.

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